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When I lived in NYC I hated clubs so much, even when my friends were throwing the parties and everything was free... Then I went to Berghain. AND MY LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME.
There's something about shell that's difficult to appreciate until it's been worn (and beaten up) a bit. I have a pair of shell Alden that I babied when I first got them but now use them as total beater boots and they're awesome. I was recently working with a guy who was wearing a pair of thrifted shell alden derbies and everyone was asking him what they were. And almost all of those people were wearing really awesome Carpe Diem.
@brad-t boots look great! Have you been doing any maintenance on them? Brushing, oiling, etc? Haven't been wearing my KKA boots a ton but I've liked having the option to wear them when I need something a bit different from my norm.
I was in leclaireur last week and they had racks and racks of harnden and the sales guy was pushing it super hard until I told him I wasn't interested. I was told that 2 people who were traveling with some coworkers bought about 20 pieces of the stuff between them, I'd guess most at leclaireur, there were still racks overflowing with it. I'd be very suprised if they sell out quickly honestly.
I worked with someone wearing those shoes this week and I thought they looked great. A bit out of season, but it was unseasonably warm at the time. He was wearing them with a oversized gauzy linen shirt and some balloon style trousers.
@coolron Not to play devil's advocate and talk you out of a grail purchase, but the a1923 are definitely a much more aggressive boot that looks best with other aggressive clothing. Guidi are pretty versatile when you get down to it. So to choose between those 2, it would be a good idea to consider what you'll be wearing with them.
I've worked in/managed a small deisgner boutique for 2 years myself (for a brand which I was also the designer during that time and which was discussed on these very forums, a repeat customer first told me of styleforum's existence around 2007 or so...) so I know what you're saying about scummy looking dudes coming in and spending big bucks.While it's not the best example, the local neighborhood thug whose personal style did not really match ours at all would come in and...
My experience at IF was not particularly terrible (like it was at DSM; I was laughed at when I couldn't find my way upstairs by the sales guy on the first floor) but when I asked the woman I was speaking to (who was a white lady if I remember correctly) about things she would respond in one word answers and go back to chatting with her coworker. And as soon as I walked in the door she essentially walked me to the sale rack in the back when my main interest was the footwear...
Customer service goes a long way with me. I remember the stores and salespeople in the past that saw me walk through the door in tattered levi's jeans and white fruit of the loom t shirt and treated me with the same level of respect as someone who was clearly in another tax bracket from myself; those are the stores I'll go back to again and again and buy things. Blue In Green consistently has the best customer service I've encountered and even though I don't buy japanese...
The only application I think the titanium implants work is the knuckles on the gloved leathers. Everywhere else it looks terrible. I don't understand how that boot is still running (assuming that PNP shot is recent).
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