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Looks like a fit Agent Dale Cooper would wear.
There were people who wanted blacked-out caps. I'm guessing you could get a group-buy going again. I'd be in for one. I'd prefer a 6 panel cap but a 5 panel would be OK. I love my grey one.
I believe it was featured in the SF PNP write up?
Question: how does one oil reverse or rough out style leather?
Yep, it's inside a little mall. We thought it was really funny that we were surrounded by other restaurants with all of their seats open, but people were standing in line for almost an hour to eat Sapporo. I still want to try Yo Me Wo Katare because it's sounds pretty entertaining.
I wanted to go there but it was closed on Sunday when I was in town. Went to Sapporo instead. I thought it was pretty good. Be interested to know how the 2 compare, because I still want to try it out.
She had m_moria on.
@Benesyed Serious question, please don't take offense: Do you buy most of your clothes on sale? It seems like most things you own and wear are from SF approved designers but something is always slightly off about them. Like they're a size too big or too small (XL always goes on sale eventually) or they're an odd color or just the pieces from a particular season that didn't sell well. If so, I'd suggest ignoring what's SF approved and go into a shop and try a ton of shit...
Get the red side zips for your lady instead. You're always so selfish @nicelynice
love the coach's jacket.
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