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Hate to be that guy... These are work boots I know. Meant to be beat to shit and what not... But would this nick in the leather bother anyone else? I haven't worn them yet, they came out of the box with that. Am I being an asshole?
My buddy installed this show, it's a pretty interesting presentation.I will add photos/scans of The New English Dandy this weekend. I will try to find a copy of Kid's Wear to scan but I believe all of mine are in storage somewhere right now.Also, wanted to add Nick Cave - Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth as a must own (if you can find an affordable copy) book. It's not "fashion", but this guy makes some of the most incredible wearable sculptures out of fabric/fibers.
Siki Im Raw Slim Denim How do these compare in quality/fit to APC, Dior, etc.?
You're similar to me (I'm 5'6" 130lbs)...Anyway, XS in shirts (OCBD, Flannels, Broadcloth, etc.) , S in knits (T's, Sweats, Sweaters), 29 or 30 in bottoms, S in base layer stuff.I don't own any outerwear from uniqlo.
That'd be rad. Let me know.
oooooooh, I'm a small.
I wish I got in on these "Soft Touch" l/s t's earlier in the game. I bought one with my last order to get my order over $100 for free shipping and it's my favorite piece of the bunch. I really hope they bring them back next fall.
What do people think of the Fifth Street boot in Black with jeans? I have 3 pairs of brown boots now but they are more outdoor/work style boots. This would be my first pair of dressier boots. I have a pair of black park aves that I wear when I need a dressier look. Obviously, those do not look good with jeans. I wear jeans pretty much every day, so I'd like a pair of less bulky footwear that isn't sneakers, but don't want to buy another pair of brown boots right now. I...
if we're including magazines I would like to nominate Kid's Wear as the most beautifully photographed/designed/styled magazine I've ever seen. I'm sure many folks over-look it because they don't want people to think they're pedophiles, but each and every issue is really a masterpiece. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
New Posts  All Forums: