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Your sister sounds smart. For outerwear, go for quality if you can afford it. It'll last you a lot longer and a peacoat or duffle will never really be out of style, so might as well buy a decent coat.
I believe we are planning on taking a trip to Freeport because my co-worked worked for LL Bean for years.
Yep, that and the bong shop (haha) 2 blocks up the hill are my 2 favorite shops in Portland.
Yeah, just to simplify... I plan on visiting: Alan Bilzarian Louis Drinkwaters Riccardi Bodega Orchard I'm going on a shopping trip for work and I want to avoid what happened last time I went on a trip with these people, it was awful. They went shopping in NYC recently and their biggest takeaway was that "the REI there is really great!" There's 2 REI stores within 20 miles of our office. That's the type of shit I'm trying to avoid. Looking for lesser known,...
Going to Boston/NH/Maine in from Oct 17-22. Where to shop? Where to eat? What else can't I miss? (I grew up in MA so I already have a few places/things in mind, but haven't spent a ton of time in Boston since my days as a skaterat in high school.)
he special ordered 6 (identical) pairs of Color 8 shell Alden longwings in size 6D. EDIT: Sorry it was only 5 pairs.
before you block me dont forget that YOU ARE A PRICK - sinnedk
I think they do, but it's obviously a completely different look. Make sure you start with quality leather though, because cheap leather will age poorly. [[SPOILER]]
Blue In Green has some of the best customer service I've ever encountered. Of course, I've only dealt with them in person so...
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