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Anyone know a place to buy decent quality cuban heels? I'm only finding sub-$150 ones that look super cheap on one end and $1600 Gareth Pugh boots on the other end of the spectrum. Is there a boot filling the middle ground here? Would like to keep it under or close to $400 if possible.
I believe it was this thread, forgive me if it wasn't, where someone posted some black shoes that had been polished with navy polish. They looked great.Maybe take a pair of black shoes you don't mind experimenting on and try a few different colors of polish. You'll only be out the cost of polish and not the entire price of shoes.
You guys realize that these are $30 shirts right? I've been wearing them since they were $20 and at $30 they're still an unbeatable deal.
Thanks for the comparison shots. Nice collection!I'm glad I went with the 1Ks. They're my favorite of the three aesthetically.How would you compare them in comfort or ruggedness to each other? Do you wear one of them more often than the others?
A few iphone photos of The New English Dandy. The book is half matte paper and half glossy. It alternates each signature of the binding. The matte pages have historical photos and candids and the text runs the gamut from the birth and evolution of mens style to interviews with some of the tailors and models to a full tailor's glossary toward the back of the book. The glossy pages are mostly professionally styled photoshoots with the models usually wearing their own...
I will give them a ring tomorrow. Thank you, good sir.
Good to know I'm not alone.Let's say that I didn't pay MSRP and I did get a great deal, but I bought them from a very reputable store that has a great reputation. I have no doubt that I will be satisfied in the end.The cut goes about 1/2 way through the thickness of the leather. So a bit more than a superficial scratch.
Hate to be that guy... These are work boots I know. Meant to be beat to shit and what not... But would this nick in the leather bother anyone else? I haven't worn them yet, they came out of the box with that. Am I being an asshole?
My buddy installed this show, it's a pretty interesting presentation.I will add photos/scans of The New English Dandy this weekend. I will try to find a copy of Kid's Wear to scan but I believe all of mine are in storage somewhere right now.Also, wanted to add Nick Cave - Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth as a must own (if you can find an affordable copy) book. It's not "fashion", but this guy makes some of the most incredible wearable sculptures out of fabric/fibers.
Siki Im Raw Slim Denim How do these compare in quality/fit to APC, Dior, etc.?
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