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that's just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, I agree, keep posting. It's like SZ without the SZiness.
It's just a short snorkel. Sure the details (and obviously the fit) are slightly different from military issue, but that's why it's $1000 and not $50 at your local army/navy store. It's called an N-2B. This is basic shit.
They're not "bootmakers" or "clothing makers" they're artisans
Everyone has done a version of that. It's standard military stuff for the most part.
Is there a full moon tonight or something?
Try stretching 2 hours of work into a whole week! It's more work to look like I'm working than to do the actual work I need to do.
Zam Barrett "Siamese Bag" in RED. This thing is rad. http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18268
The things I learned from SF WAYWT: 1. No tattoos. Especially under rings. 2. No blackface. Even using MS Paint. 3. No use of the the word "ninja". It's offensive. 4. I want to live nicelynice's life.
nah. looks good.
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