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@steveoffice Sorry, OT, but what's your bookshelf? I've been ready to get the one from Design Within Reach, but there are some on ebay for like 1/3 of the price, but I'm guessing it's best to just get the one from DWR...
It's honestly difficult to judge because your hands are altering the actual shape/drape of the pants. It does look better though.
CCP did "dead-end" everything...including boots. [[SPOILER]]
A lot of the SZ favorite designers/makers use a lot of kangaroo for their footwear, brands like Carol Christian Poell, Augusta/a1923, Guidi, etc.I imagine that Alden and other dressier shoemakers don't use kangaroo is because the leather is so lightweight and thin that it doesn't hold it's shape well and under a suit would look sloppy.
Damn, if this was a few days later I would meet up for sure. I'll be in the area visiting my folks from July 11-20. If anyone wants to go to Brimfield on Saturday the 12th or Sunday the 13th I will probably try to get out there weather permitting. I'll probably come into Boston a day or 2 earlier in the week (probably July 14-16) to hit a few shops and visit with some friends if anyone wants to meet for coffee or a drink or anything.
@AlexanderTG have you checked your spam box in your email? SZ mods will send you a confirmation email and you need to activate your account through a link in the email.
I love the white/natural/cream patchwork pieces.
True Confession: I thought "The Stanley Parable" was something relating to Stanley Van Buren and possibly Miran until I googled it.
If you had a beard you'd look like the Gentry model. Maybe get some inspiration from that dude.
Guidi are super comfortable. Those Lost + Found boots are hideous and I can't imagine how one would wear them unless they are Mad Max or something.
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