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Does anyone have any idea when the cut-off for preorders of that boot is?
From the Visvim womens' line WMV... like 45rpm but younger. INCREDIBLE.
Thanks!Sazon, do you know if the J Gilbert make-up will come with a commando sole? I know Plaza is generally sleeker than Barrie, and I've seen Plaza boots made without the commando sole and with all eyelets instead of speedhooks. Do you have a link to images or info? Thanks again.
Anyone selling a #8 Wingtip boot right now? Either in stock or for pre-order? I need a 7.5D or 8D dependent on last. Thanks!
I have one from Ikea that was like $100 and has moved 3 times with me so far and has held up pretty well. Cheap and decent.
Ben Pease at Pino Bros.
I have Iron Rangers and 1K Miles in the same size. The IRs are definitely a tiny bit longer, but also narrower through the arch. Both are very comfy boots to me. I'd suggest getting the same size.
oh no
I would say you could probably get away with an XS based on those photos (the sleeves look pretty baggy and the armhole is falling off of your shoulder). Definitely wouldn't suggest going a size larger.
Ummmmmm..... Miharayasuhiro Overdye Wingchip Shoes Kinda
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