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hmmm....I was definitely leaning toward the S actually, mostly because I would use it more as an outerwear layer than a blazer.
Sorry, stupid question here: If I take a size XS in most big retailer stuff (Uniqlo, JCrew, Etc.) would I take an XS in an Andover as well? Or would I be better off with a small? I don't have the opportunity to try it on before I order unfortunately. Thanks!
Yeah, I got anxious and emailed him last night, got the same response. I've never been so eager to give anyone almost a thousand dollars, haha.
damn it. sold out in my size for both pieces. Thanks though!
Where can I buy that EG polka dot suit on the internet?
Has anyone received payment info for the preorder? I figured it would come by the end of this week, but still nothing... Just wondering.
I stopped putting trees in my shell Alden boots. And started wearing them how boots should be worn. I like them so much more now.
I love Kyoto.
I like how the black shoes are picking up some of the blue of the suit. A strong look.
The Airism don't lose their shape over the course of the day. The 100% cotton ones: You start your day wearing boxer briefs, but by the end of the day you're wearing regular boxers. They get kinda baggy. Don't get me wrong, they're not the terrible product that the seamless ones are, but the airism are worth the extra $6 for me personally.
New Posts  All Forums: