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To go along with all of these things... i'm fucking sick of:SLOUCHY HUNCHBACK POSES OF SAD BOYS AND GIRLS IN LOOKBOOKS
Anyone have good rec for summer weight merino boxer briefs? I hate poly. I've tried em all, even some really expensive techy poly ones, and I hate them all. Need to switch to merino now I think.
Anyone a size 46 looking for a pair of these? http://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/a1923/products/a1923-st3-black-oiled-horse-double-zip-boot?variant=1228296285
Vetements is trash, who cares? That's kinda the whole point/joke, right? But the thing that really pisses me off is the amount of assholes I saw wearing thrasher shirts with some tech runners and stupid raincoat this season in Paris. It's definitely up from last season. And last season everyone had the white with black logo version. This season everyone had the black with flame logo version. It's almost as if they think thrasher has seasonal deliveries. FUCKTARDS STAY...
Yeah, but they're super comfortable. Especially in hot weather.
True, very true. I only speak from experience and don't know the economic standings of other industries.
The timing of his house purchase tells a lot about the story. Also people trying to climb the ranks of a creative field don't buy houses in Connecticut, this family was cut from a finer cloth based on the evidence at hand... Before 2008, even more so before 2006, it was possible to make good money (relatively) in the field. At the peak of my corporate career in NYC I was able to charge certain clients $75/hr as a freelancer and I still had health insurance and a 401k...
I think a "industry" thread could be interesting to some, but i think it may be a bit too depressing for most. Like revealing that the wizard of oz was some old, drunk, fat guy with a terrible haircut.If you ever want to trade apartments for a week, let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: