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Does APC still do the "butler" program or whatever it was called?
I love those filthy white backzips. But then again, these are my favorite shoes that I own.
Keep in mind that all Guidi footwear I have was snug to start but stretched to fit quite a bit as I wore them. And I only have horse and donkey. Depending on the actual boot (can't make broad generalizations about all leathers)... if you're buying calf, it could potentially stretch and mold to your foot even more than horse would. But if they're just way too narrow, then yeah, try a different brand because most of the basic models have the same shape/fit.
Where can I purchase such a magical pair of jeans?
he did try to trick people into paying close to $2000 for these beauts...
Those are beckmans
I don't understand why steer him away from Red Wing. The company has been in business for over 100 years for a reason, they make good boots. And if you buy from the "heritage" line, which that Beckman is part of, they're all made in the USA. My Iron Rangers are my favorite boots to this day. Simone wishes he had a legacy like Red Wing. Beckmans, once they're broken in look better than any pre-distressed a1923...
Meanwhile, you're buying Arts & Science which is a private label brand that copies other brands they carry and sells them for lower prices.
Redwing Iron Rangers in the "Hawthorne" rough-out are still my favorite boots. And 1/3 of the price of Viberg and G&R.
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