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I have a backpack I love (filson) and I hate larger backpacks as I used a large hiking pack as carryon for several years and I still don't know why I did that, it was stupid. I like the duffles because of the square-ish shape makes it easier to pack (the complete opposite of a rolltop backpack)... also why I'm looking at "real" luggage as well, for ease of packing. Just plop the laptop on top and it's easy to take out and put back when I need to go through security. I...
I'll check out the Muji cases next time I'm around the shop, I'm hoping they have them in the Paris store...That's the only one I can get to often. Otherwise, yeah, I think I'm leaning toward Filson Medium Duffle and maybe I just need to get over my fear of #menswear. Or find a black one on ebay (is there any risk of fake filson on ebay? is that a thing?)
I feel like this gets asked every month or so, but what's everyone's recommendation for carryon luggage? Rolly-case, Duffle, Steamer trunk, whatever... Tell me your recommendations. I use a backpack for most trips, but sometimes I just need a little more space. I'd buy a Filson duffle but they don't make them in black. I don't want to look like some GQ dingdong. EDIT: preferably no "designer" luggage.
The little velcro tabs at the cuff ruin it. You've spent all this time and energy in fabric research and at the end of it all you slap on some shitty little pieces of velcro? C'mon.
Yes, it's putting all of those pieces together. That was Maurizio Altieri that facilitated it all.
From what I understand Maurizio Altieri made the connection between the people at Guidi and the factories making the shoes. And the shape is secondary to the research that Carpe Diem did with the treatments of guidi's leather. Maurizio had all the formulas and the people at Guidi took that information and undercut Carpe Diem by cutting out the middleman.
Guidi was a leather supplier until they took all the production information from Carpe Diem.
I'm not being derisive... See in my post when I said "That's fine." Most people don't mind to buy something that is "close enough" to the real thing at a few bucks less. How do you think Luxire has become such a success. Hell, Guidi was a copycat brand, and my Guidis are some of my favorite shoes I own. I'm not pissing on anyone's parade. But like @t3hg0suazn implied (if I'm interpreting it correctly) it's too bad that we're patting ol' Leo on the back while calling...
Chiming in... There will always be copycat brands riding on the success of their predecessors... Bergfabel, LB, Rundholz, and... a1923 That's fine. If anything it pushes the real designers to move away from stuff that can be copied. There is this type of situation in most markets I'd guess, even the niche "artisinal" fashion market.
nothing will make the matching of those seams "easier". It's simply the level of patience and skill of the person making them. If one of those corners goes 1mm out of tolerance it will throw every other zig and zag out of place. It's as simple as that. It's a display of power. And it's not just the "stitching being even"... The patterns need to be precise. Then the cloth needs to be cut precisely. Then sewn precisely. Then pressed... you guessed it... precisely. Like I...
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