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I do not like those CCP workboots at all. To each their own... As they say in the Alden thread, "Wear in good health!"
@Donut Guidi & Rosellini are kinda similar... But you'd need to have a shoeguy that will dye them black for you, or your could DIY.
@shootspeed Did you buy that cap in the US? I need to buy that. If I need to order it from Korea, so be it.
@eckblk Those yours? I've never seen the bottom ones before, they're on another level for sure.
The green shoes are a lil too #menswear, but fuck it, they don't look bad. Once they get more wear and more dirty, it will probably be easier to incorporate them. Are they suede?
@LA Guy I know you're an expert, it's all the little nit-picky comments scattered throughout from others in the thread that really gets under my skin. Sorry, I just deal with this type of second-guessing design-by-committee all day, day in and day out, at work and I read styleforum in hopes of escaping it, haha. Like I said, sorry to come in and derail. Carry on.
I'm sorry to chime in with a useless comment, but this thread is hilarious. Once any company offers to do a group buy/custom style everyone all of a sudden becomes highly skilled patternmakers and designers who can spot a shoulder seam 1/8" out of spec from a lo-res .jpg. I feel sorry for Thurston, they meant well, but dealing with people who think they know better than the people who are actually making the patterns and constructing the pieces are a designers (and...
oh, good, let's have this conversation again.
Peter Luger's hot fudge sundae is the best bowl of ice cream I've ever eaten. Can't tell you why.
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