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i have luc jeans that have split at the side when i put my hand in the pocket too hard... and all the buttons have been resewn on... but the fabric seems very hearty. So the recommendation to choose based on fabric may not be 100% reliable.
Well... I do live in Italy, so according to your theory it will be very easy for me to get in touch with him...
There are laws in Japan that make it much easier and cheaper for japanese stores to buy from japanese companies. That's why if you see japanese stuff (Devoa or KKA for example) the prices are like 40-50% higher. It's a way for japanese people to watch out for each other and make sure they are staying in business. Italy has no such laws or taxes. Everyone who's ever done business with Layer-0 will be in contact with him... have you heard of email?
I hate that Gucci ad, it's bullshit. Because I love Christiane F. And I love Q Lazzarus. Get off my lawn, Gucci!
What do people with leica cameras use to take photos of their leica cameras? I think I see more photos OF leica cameras than photos taken WITH leica cameras. (disclosure: I've only owned the minilux p+s 35mm camera and it was awesome but I sold it at a 200% mark-up when the market was hot for them...)
anything would be better... So, yes.
I wish @brad-t was here to tell you all how stupid you are for discussing/arguing fighting techniques on a men's FASHION webforum.
I made myself a shirt at work the other day. Super 120s cotton/Mother-of-Pearl Buttons/Handsewn Buttonholes in Silk thread.
All buyers want to make money. They buy based on what will sell. If that's what you call "analytics" then, yeah, all buyers work in that way.But, the way that they interpret and manipulate that data is completely different for all buyers. The time they take in the showroom varies anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more depending on their style. Some like to run through, pick their favorites and write quantities. Some like to take all day, talk to the designer (not even...
The Jerkin, while now most recognizable as a PH piece, is actually a knockoff of old english cycling jackets... Not that I think Simone actually did any independent research of historical garments.
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