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because young people with disposable incomes still do not have enough money to buy homes; so putting nice hifi systems in an apartment with the knowledge that it will need to be moved sooner rather than later is scary.
I'm genuinely curious, I didn't mean it in a negative way. I know some people like to use shoe trees to dry their shoes between wears, but I thought the main purpose of shoe trees was to prevent collapsing of the shapes. I honestly think guidi doesn't need it as long as you have more than one pair of shoes and can let them dry out between wears without cedar. I don't think it would be harmful to use tree, but I don't know that they would have any positive effect either.
Love my donkey 992. Slightly softer than horse but not soft like calf. I find them to be a bit shinier than horse as well, for lack of a better adjective. It's almost similar to goat but not as much grain. But I'm sure every skin and every shoe is a bit different, so who knows.why are you using shoetrees on those shoes? They're meant to crease and collapse with wear.
the man had his own style
Who is that crazy grey-haired man? It looks like the 2 of them were photoshopped into the first picture and the woman looks thrilled to be standing next to him. And his zipper looks thrilled that he bought his pants 3 sizes too small. Why is there a small child hanging from his door? Why is he lighting a baby on fire and kicking it down the street?
UPDATE: The book was a hit. Thanks again to all that offered help and suggestions.
Gucci is a bit questionable. I've disliked the current path since they parodied Christiane F. in an ad... But that's just because I'm bitter and I love that film and consider it sacred. However, RFT, Alessandro Michele took the same path through Paris shopping stops at the end of last fashion week as the team I was with. We saw him at L'Eclaireur Boissy, then at Colette (where we also spotted By Walid and his crew) and finally he arrived at L'Eclaireur Herold with a...
I feel like such a moron when people start talking about wine. I can only recall 2 instances where I've had truly terrible wine. One was when this only italian samplemaker at one of my old jobs brought in a bottle of his homemade wine. It was awful. And I used to have this tradition when going to DIY hardcore shows to bring cheap champagne whereas everyone else was drinking 40s mostly. I always regretted it halfway through the bottle when the sugar attached itself to the...
I have a backpack I love (filson) and I hate larger backpacks as I used a large hiking pack as carryon for several years and I still don't know why I did that, it was stupid. I like the duffles because of the square-ish shape makes it easier to pack (the complete opposite of a rolltop backpack)... also why I'm looking at "real" luggage as well, for ease of packing. Just plop the laptop on top and it's easy to take out and put back when I need to go through security. I...
I'll check out the Muji cases next time I'm around the shop, I'm hoping they have them in the Paris store...That's the only one I can get to often. Otherwise, yeah, I think I'm leaning toward Filson Medium Duffle and maybe I just need to get over my fear of #menswear. Or find a black one on ebay (is there any risk of fake filson on ebay? is that a thing?)
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