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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAYes, that is what I was trying to say...
How much do the patterns cost? You're saying you think they're less than developing new patterns... which means you have no idea how much a pattern SHOULD cost. Are you OK with throwing money out of the window? Do you have this money burning a hole in your pocket?Why is the seller "out of the business"?What city do you live in? I assume Chicago. I have a friend that ran a shirt company out of Chicago and he said it was difficult and has since moved to NYC.Do you know...
The question is extremely vague (not nearly enough details), but the fact that you're asking it makes me say "DON'T DO IT YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING".
I think, again, that type of mentality can be traced to our disconnect with the people who are making our clothes. Cars are made by some sort of "magic" that the average human has absolutely no comprehension of... Whereas clothes are made by some old toothless poor woman bent over a sewing table. Idiots make clothes. Geniuses make cars.
@LA Guy Maybe we can move the posts regarding the dirty backroom dealings of fashion's underbelly into a thread called "fashion politics" or something of that nature (BUT PLEASE NOT IN GENERAL CHAT or any of the non-fashion subforums) so as not to disrupt those who wish to look at fashion with bright eyes and bushy tails. Because, like I've said, I don't intend to piss on anyone's parade.
Which is directly linked to our over consumption."oh man, this new shirt will look great on instagram!"BUY NOWWear shirt. Post insta. Put in closet.Repeat process until we are all suffocated by fabric.
@nahneun Sure, thanks for clarifying for me. All I'm really asking is the people consider where and whom they are buying from. Because I don't want to rain on anyone's fashion parade. But if people realize more and more each time they buy a $3 tshirt or a $9 pair of jeans that a human made them they will think that maybe they wouldn't want to work that hard on something only to be paid pennies for it.
@dieworkwear No offense to you personally, but it is the businessmen/women of the world who are causing many of the problems. I don't know exactly what "economic development" entails as I went to design school ("4-year long summer arts+crafts camp" as I like to call it) so my understanding of the real world is minimal. But I do know that big banking and big business do not consider human impact on the path to making fistfuls of cash, well, most of them don't. Have you...
I'm sorry, like I said, I don't have an answer... and honestly, I think we (humans) are too far gone at this point anyway for the earth to survive for any reasonable amount of time into the future. It will be Bladerunner and then extinction. Anyway...But have you worked with these factories personally? You seem to have lots of insider info and insight, but I'm not 100% clear on your involvement.I have worked with them. I've been shown the bright and beautiful front offices...
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