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Meanwhile, you're buying Arts & Science which is a private label brand that copies other brands they carry and sells them for lower prices.
Redwing Iron Rangers in the "Hawthorne" rough-out are still my favorite boots. And 1/3 of the price of Viberg and G&R.
No, there should be an initial acknowledgement regardless. Then the salesperson should know if the customer wants to be left alone or waited on hand-and-foot. To nicelynice's point, if they're selling $4500 jackets, the salespeople should know how to work with customers.
Sorry, how is this a good thing?
Have you been to Souterrain? It's in Roppongi. I've not been myself but from what I've heard I believe it may be worth checking out if it's not too far out of the way for you.
That's sure a GBS shirt. And while it may look like a "mall shirt" if you've ever worn one or inspected one closely it certainly isn't anywhere close to that in actuality. (I don't think the retail is quite $600 but at $80 it's still a steal.)
any article that uses the word 'hipster' in the headline in 2016 is blowing it.
Did you go to the SZ shop? What are your thoughts on all of it? I'm curious...
I don't know what C.E is but Left Field tees are heavy/boxy.
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