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This thread is like listening to a bunch of pregnant women eagerly awaiting their first born child... "I'm at 67 weeks..." "You're lucky, I'm only at 59 weeks..." "Wait, Charly the doctor said it would come in September but now he's telling me early 2015..."
Sorry, I do not. I've only worn their jeans (710xx) which fit about a size smaller than APC. But that could also be due to the fact that they were in a 19oz heavy/slubby denim as opposed to APC's relatively limp stuff.
Yeah, they definitely look like 710xx's.
Your sister sounds smart. For outerwear, go for quality if you can afford it. It'll last you a lot longer and a peacoat or duffle will never really be out of style, so might as well buy a decent coat.
I believe we are planning on taking a trip to Freeport because my co-worked worked for LL Bean for years.
Yep, that and the bong shop (haha) 2 blocks up the hill are my 2 favorite shops in Portland.
Yeah, just to simplify... I plan on visiting: Alan Bilzarian Louis Drinkwaters Riccardi Bodega Orchard I'm going on a shopping trip for work and I want to avoid what happened last time I went on a trip with these people, it was awful. They went shopping in NYC recently and their biggest takeaway was that "the REI there is really great!" There's 2 REI stores within 20 miles of our office. That's the type of shit I'm trying to avoid. Looking for lesser known,...
Going to Boston/NH/Maine in from Oct 17-22. Where to shop? Where to eat? What else can't I miss? (I grew up in MA so I already have a few places/things in mind, but haven't spent a ton of time in Boston since my days as a skaterat in high school.)
he special ordered 6 (identical) pairs of Color 8 shell Alden longwings in size 6D. EDIT: Sorry it was only 5 pairs.
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