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My apologies for assuming you were an undergrad! 80% of the time when someone is asking about buying a suit for interviews, they are in that demographic.
No, I don't think so. On the rare occasion when I wear a suit (in which case it is invariably CBD) I use by brown 256, just like I do on any other day. Personally I think that is the main advantage of brown over the other Filson colors - it doesn't scream "LOOK AT MY FILSON" like the tan, nor does it resemble military surplus like the green. There might be some ultra-CBD situations where a canvas bag of any color will draw a raised eyebrow, but that seems more of a...
And OP: reidrothchild is correct that at sub-700 on sale right now, a Brooks Brothers suit is an excellent option to consider. It would be my personal preference over the J. Crew Ludlow for both value and style. I would recommend the Fitzgerald or Regent cut, each being relatively modern yet classic. The Milano cut is more fashion-forward, but even that is more conservative than the Ludlow.
I think you have attained the internet equivalent of nirvana.
Can't be sure about the first, but the second is certainly a suit.Anyway, it sounds like your reaction was to the fit more than the combination of sweater and suit. From your description, it sounds horrid, though sadly not out of line with current fashion (shudder).
Ok, the HF suit is under 700 - it is still tan.Didn't I say that Brooks 1818 suits are regularly available for $700 on sale?And I didn't say "all" the suits you named were half-canvassed.Anyway, I think you and I are on the same page more or less, other than some factual disagreements, about what the OP should probably do with his $700 budget.For avoidance of doubt, my prior post was written before I saw this reply - it wasn't meant to be dismissive, I was just trying to...
Anyway, back to the OP: You may by now realize that there is a wide range of opinion here on what one should buy in any given price range. The advice above to just go with the Ludlow for now is good. For campus recruiting interviews (I assume you're a student, correct?) just having a suit that doesn't look ridiculous is sufficient. The Ludlow suit is of high enough quality to easily outlive its fashion shelf life (I don't mean that pejoratively) and by the time you need...
Unheard of, no. Likely? That's a different story. Other than the occasional discount store closeout, which is likely to be in an odd size or style (or both), I doubt you will find anything decently made and fully canvassed (I'm sure some online MTM will make you a terrible but fully canvassed suit for peanuts if you so desire) for under $700.Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the suits you identified above are not fully canvassed, but half-canvassed....
Well, I can't speak to the fit of the ensemble, but wearing a sweater with a suit is hardly worth a punch in the face:
Whatever you do, don't wear a suit sans tie to "dress down" your suit. Wearing a suit is fine, and it sounds like wearing business casual is fine (despite what others have said), but attempting to blend the two is just silly. Above all, relax and wear something that makes YOU feel comfortable and confident. Based on what you have said about the company, I guarantee that as long as you look vaguely presentable your clothes will neither help nor hurt your chances.
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