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Yes, I believe most of us agree with you. I think a large man in a (good) three piece suit actually looks much better than a skinny man in a three piece suit, hence my post of Taft. It projects a degree of gravitas and self-assurance that is just not easily faked. But that may be a minority opinion.
Crocs are also well within the mainstream (no offense).
FTFYCuffing your jeans to show off that little red stripe is like leaving a button undone to show of your surgeon's cuffs. No one cares that your jeans are selvage.
Really? You literally wrote the words "it is just ugly when someone with a belly tries to wear a waistcoat." What would you suggest they wear instead? Two piece suit? Trousers and odd jacket? Sweatpants? Muumuu?Did we turn into a bunch of catty girls here? Never mind, don't answer that. Either way, this isn't about who wears it better, it's about how every man can look his best. I am thin but have fairly narrow shoulders - should I just hide away in shame because I don't...
Exactly. A properly cut (i.e. sans ultra-low-rise trousers) three-piece suit is probably the absolute best thing a more, ahem, big-boned gentleman can wear.Waistcoats shouldn't be worn by men with big bellies? What utter, utter nonsense.
Pop Burger.You're welcome., the rules about buy/sell posts are explained clearly and in excruciating detail on the first page of the Marketplace forum... second photo.It also says so on the J. Crew website, but that information is embedded in the flash-based overview of the Ludlow suit, so I can't post a direct link - if you care you can click through a few pages to see it:
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