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A little of this, a little of that...
Wow. That knot disgusts my inner stylist, but appeals to my inner mathematician.
Haven't you heard the rules about age brackets? Under 30: Must wear SuitSupply 30-45: Must wear Brooks Brothers Regent 45-60: Must wear Brooks Brothers Madison Over 60: Must wear monochrome tracksuits
Not to mention all of the dogs that end up abandoned as a result of the mismatch between the dog's needs and the owner's expectations...
Apologies for sharting up your thread with the Taft diversion... I'll attempt to move the discussion elsewhere.
It's a useless claim. You could say the same thing about someone with narrow shoulders (like me) compared to someone of similar build but with broad shoulders (like, say, Spoo). It provides no helpful information to tell me that I don't look as good in a suit jacket as Spoo. Of course I don't. What am I supposed to do with that feedback - stay at home in my sweatpants and cry all day?The point of all of this, everything we are doing here, isn't to compare two people but to...
Breeding/showing issues aside, Westminster is a really cool event to attend in person. Backstage is the highlight, as all of the breeders/handlers are required to stay around all day/both days, and most are more than happy to chat when they're not prepping their dogs (having an obvious commercial interest in meeting potential customers). There's nothing else like it that I've ever experienced.
Speak for yourself. I think Taft looked great. As did Churchill and many other famous gentlemen of less "athletic" build.In a clothing forum, saying that fat guys should focus on losing weight is only marginally more relevant than saying short guys should focus on growing taller.
The breed that always comes to my mind in this context is the Pomeranian. Somehow they went from this:To this:
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