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Hello fellow trombonist. Excellent post. I happen to prefer another variety both aesthetically and practically:
OP, this is good advice, if you did well with everyone else but the VP. You may actually score points for showing him that you reflected on it, figured out what you did wrong, and thought about how to improve in the future. It sounds like this is not a firm that thrives on brainteasers culturally, since you were only asked one in the whole process. So you may still have a chance. Be humble about what you did wrong, but confident about how you'd nail it next time.
Too late, you bombed it. Was this an interview for a consulting firm by any chance? When firms ask questions like this, they actually want you to come up with a number. Yes, even though it seems ridiculous. The exact answer isn't important, like your interviewer said. What is important is your ability to use common sense, your ability to think creatively on the fly, and your general numeracy. You say you would need some numbers to do an estimate. How about doing...
Seriously though, OP there are several threads about this, and also a plethora of web resources on tying the perfect dimpled knot. Google is your friend.
Ha, fair enough.
To break up this tedious discussion, I have no choice but to post a "WAYWN - Alden Edition" photo: Nothing exciting, just a stock #8 LWB.
This wasn't taught in grammar class when I went to school back in the dark ages, but...
My sincerest, deepest apologies for having the temerity to initiate a reply without checking if you were simultaneously typing one of your own, and then posting said reply without further checking to see if another post had materialized in the intervening minutes. Obviously one of you is talking about cream polish, and the other is talking about wax. And before you tell me that Saphir does not make a "Cordovan" colored wax, yes, you are correct. However, I think it was...
Since you apparently wish me to correct my grammar, let me also correct my tone: I believe that your suggestion that Saphir cordovan-colored wax polish is unsuitable for use on calfskin is complete and utter nonsense.
First I have heard of a wax polish being unsuitable for calfskin...
New Posts  All Forums: