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Sounds like a good roommate.
Easy, tiger. Yes, one should save early and often if possible. But on a lifetime NPV calculation it is much more important when you are young to focus on your long-term earning potential rather than maximize current earnings. That is the time in your life to take risks, because the cost of having low earnings only increases as you get older - you definitely won't want to be taking a lot of career risks when you are 35 and married with kids, mortgage, parents entering...
Since we're talking about a starter job, I don't think he should be worrying too much about retirement savings just yet. Barely scraping by in your first job out of college is a healthy experience, IMO. At some point you need to learn that life requires tradeoffs.Living with roommates right out of college is also a healthy experience. Property taxes are hardly something he needs to worry about at this point.
Is it? Not disagreeing, just wondering where I missed that.
What is your departure routine?
In my experience, chromexcel is prone to having a rough-looking, wrinkly texture. I don't have any shots of my Indy's handy, but they have this character in a number of spots - it just isn't as obvious because they are dyed brown, and your shoes are not dyed. The texture doesn't affect the leather's ability to absorb oils in any way. Whether you like it aesthetically is a matter of personal taste, but the leather will be just fine.
I think this post nicely illustrates why leather is traditionally dyed during the tanning process. The uncolored hide just isn't very attractive to most people.Personally, I don't think that looks bad, for natural chromexcel. The charm of this material lies entirely in the fact that the natural character of the hide is barely hidden. I am not a huge fan of it personally, but if I were to get a pair in natural chromexcel I would actually prefer it to look something like...
I have only one thing to say: Happy wife, happy life.
Also, if you're worried about your groomsmen's suits, there's no reason you can't ask them what suit they are wearing - it's only in 17 days and I guarantee they have already decided.
Don't buy online, go to Macy's. Huge selection, cheap, always well-stocked. You should buy them in person because, I presume, you are matching the ties to some kind of color swatch (e.g. bridesmaids dresses). If you're not matching the ties to anything, then do as unbelragazzo said and don't get 5 of the same tie.
New Posts  All Forums: