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From the same Cary Grant article:SF told me I must have cuffs and they must be at least 2.5". Cary Grant clearly doesn't know what he's talking about and all advice from him should be ignored.
Sorry, I've been on a little SF hiatus... has the iGent groupthink now extended from what we buy to where we buy it? Has our fetishization of stuff extended from posting photos of unused bags, right past leaving the tags on, all the way to carrying around our bags inside the bags of the store where we bought them so that the rest of the iGent community knows we bought them at the right place?As I said, I've been away for a while. Someone please fill me in so I can be a...
No. It's much, much worse.
I wasn't aware that there was an investment banking "lifestyle". Please describe.That is pretty much the subject matter of this entire forum. Please report back if you find the answers so that the rest of us can stop searching for them.
"M&A" is an acceptable abbreviation, and IMO the preferred non-douchey way of referring to "mergers and acquisitions". The only circumstances in which I have seen or heard the non-abbreviated version are in the press or in marketing/recruiting documents. "IB" is only used by clueless college students and campus career offices. "PE" is somewhere in between.
"Millionaire Next Door", aka "Fun With Selection Bias"... Collect a sample of rich folks by giving away a free meal, act surprised when said sample turns out to be heavily weighted towards cheapskates with lots of free time, write book, profit.
Can't say yet - just wore one for the first time yesterday. I'll check back in after a few wears and washes. The shirts certainly seem nicer, fwiw. On the other hand, you may value the non-iron aspect you can get with BB.So, as always, YMMV.
Unlike BB they neve have sales though. I don't think I have paid more than $50 for BB shirts in practice. So I personally think of Kamakura as being at a higher price point.
I was just there yesterday - they have multiple sleeve lengths for each neck size, just like any shirt maker. I bought 16/35 in the Japanese slim fit. Comrade, I recommend trying them on in person before you conclude anything about fit. I normally wear 16/34, but 16/35 was just right in that particular cut.
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