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Which portion? The "being young and able to do whatever you want" part, or the "sharing your life with another human being and not acting like a dumbass" part?
FTFY.What kind of self-respecting New Yorker is less interested in real estate pr0n than actual pr0n?
I like to keep a running tally of how many rodents I see when I'm walking my dog at night, excluding squirrels. The other night we saw one mouse and three different rats in 30 minutes. Two of the rats scurried away, but one of them thought it would be a cool idea to come up and try to make friends. That was pretty fun.
Again, because living anywhere else in America will be so much more fulfilling and non-materialist? I mean, if you're honestly deciding between working in New York and working somewhere else, odds are that "somewhere else" is another major metropolitan area, not a cattle ranch in Montana.
I lol'd.
Anyway, the argument about how much money you need to live in New York and whether you should or shouldn't do if you don't have a salary of X, Y or Z dollars completely misses the point. When you're young and don't earn much money, you have minimal financial and personal responsibilities, and you also have the energy to go out and enjoy all of the low-budget adventures New York (or any big city) has to offer while putting up with all of the inconveniences associated with...
I agree. One should really get out of the city and spend time among the 4000 square foot McMansions to appreciate how there is life outside of making money and buying shit.
That makes the least sense of all. A car is a luxury here, the only point of which is to be able to go wherever you want on a whim. If you have to take a daytrip just to get to your car then you're doing it wrong.
How about this: if you (a) don't want to give up your car, (b) won't part it on the street, and (c) don't have the budget to park it in a garage, then by deduction you don't really want to live here. If you did want to live here then that desire would outweigh one of either (a) or (b), such that the constraint of (c) became irrelevant. Your insistence on holding onto your car reveals that you desire a lifestyle that is not well matched to New York City. Thus you don't...
Hey, I resemble that remark.
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