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Let's check in again after you have potty trained a child. Or done anything with a child, for that matter.
Do you know how to write? Are you happy that you know how to write?Did you want to spend all that time practicing writing as a child, or did someone pressure you to do so?
Thank you, oh enlightened one.Aren't you going to tell us that we need to let go of suffering?
I think it would be a great idea for you to walk into an unemployment office and tell everyone there that they shouldn't worry about getting a job or making money, and that they should instead focus on developing a better understanding of the human mind.I'll bring the video camera.
Wait, so you mean other people may have different life experiences from me? How is that possible?
Of all the things to hate about that website, you pick that?
Funny, when I was deciding what to do with my life I was more worried about what I could do to ensure my parents wouldn't have to feel any pressure...But to each their own.
Eh. "Better" is subjective. There are always tradeoffs to living here or there. Chicago/Seattle/Austin/Skokie is clearly better than New York, except for all the ways it isn't.
To each their own.
This is very true. I do think that if you can't learn to accept this and be happy with your life for what it is rather than how it ranks, then you won't be happy here. Because unless you're a billionaire, you will never be so rich that there won't be someone right across the street, in your building, or two seats away from you at your office with a lifestyle you feel like you will never be able to afford.
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