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I was once punched in the face by a deranged man as I walked past him, in broad daylight on a weekday in Midtown, just off of 5th Ave. At Christmas time, no less. That was fun. Fortunately he was significantly shorter than me and got a bad angle on his punch, so it was more shocking than damaging. In hindsight I was just lucky he was a deranged maniac puncher and not a deranged maniac slasher.As a side benefit, I got to experience first-hand the secret behind Ray Kelly's...
Wow, how interesting. I don't think I've ever met anyone who prefers leisure activities to working.Seriously, what is so hard or awful about finding a job and earning money while you're figuring out what to do with your life? Why is going to school again and not working so much more likely to lead to ultimate happiness than spending that same time working, earning some cash, enjoying life as a self-sufficient person and maybe actually learning something about yourself in...
Ditto. I'd add that in my experience Brooks salespeople aren't as knowledgeable about their own stock, let alone the fit of each model on various body types, as one might hope. So even if the salesperson steered you towards one, try the others.
Shirts, yes. Shorts... also yes.
Yes. The selection isn't always as good, however.
Jesus fucking Christ. What is with the finance acronyms among n00bs lately?Free advice: do not abbreviate "bulge bracket" with "BB". No person in the history of Wall Street has ever done that.Your question has been discussed to death. But because I'm a sucker I'll save you the five minutes of searching: If you're a tough fit then buy cheap-ish shirts that fit in the shoulders and neck, and then have them tailored to fit your torso.
Are you looking at the same WAYWN photos as me? I occasionally see odd trousers without a cuff (occasionally) but almost never a suit without cuffs.
I was more referring to the types of drills kids do in school (which some love but most don't) but I hear you. I realize that children very badly want to communicate, just as they want to walk so they can get around. And it's great that your child is so enamored of learning. I'm sure you created a nurturing environment that encouraged it, and I commend you.
Alright, I give up. Back to complaining about New York. The UN is annoying because diplomats and double-parking and traffic.
Yes, it's apparent you never liked reading in school, because your reading comprehension sucks.My point is that left to their own devices no child will simply learn to read and write on their own, which in turn would prevent them from exercising their free will to read (or not read) later in life. If you value the ability to read now, then you should be thankful that someone forced you to learn how to do it.So stop blathering on with this pseudo-philosophical drivel...
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