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We really need pics before anyone opine intelligently on your issue.
Not Manton for sure.
Everyone lamenting their overly PC workplace should find a job on Wall Street.
Just want to post a positive note on Alden's customer service. In short: I recently had a pair of boots recrafted, a problem appeared after a few wears, and 20 minutes after an email with a picture they said they were sending me a pre-paid mailer for repair. Obviously we'd all prefer that defects not happen in the first place, but they are bound to arise, and IMO all we can really ask is that companies stand behind their products. In my experience Alden does that better...
You're welcome.
I believe the little "Stetson" button you're referring to is their equivalent of the LaCoste alligator - i.e. advertising that their customers pay for the privilege of displaying - and is not intended to be removed. But it's your hat, so knock yourself out.
I'd get a second blue one. But that's me.
Studded leather underwear, bejeweled water pipes, and biodegradable briefcases.
If this is your view, I encourage you to read "A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas" for some perspective.
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