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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Yeah what was up with the angel character. Totally unnecessary. I guess they figured they needed another "girl" mutant but she basically served no purpose. The Logan moment was pretty great. Overall I was entertained and have no real complaints. I wonder if they'll try to do a sequel in the same universe. If it's built around what that one did well (ie, Eric and Charles) it has a chance. I hear they want to...
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Goddamn, this is so awesome
Bad Meets Evil
Do you want articles or just pictures? Because 70% of Tumblr blogs are filled with the pictures you need
This reminds me, I need to get a linen suit too. Not sure about the colour, but the pictures in this thread definitely have me leaning to navy
Quote: Originally Posted by APK After checking his post history and subsequently, some of the threads he's posted in, I feel more forgiving about all of the baller / lux rhetoric permeating SW&D now. Like I mentioned in a post last week, I know most of it's tongue in cheek. Over in MC Land, however, that shit is rolled out without a hint of irony. That isn't a revelation, but it's a reminder that while SW&D gets criticized for some of its embraced...
One of the nicest Clarks colours available, imo
Massive drops on almost every single item! Really need all these gone
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