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Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu thanks man, i bought one from store (dry touch vneck in white) and they shrink to a perfect fit after first wash. i hope the factory seconds i got for $1.5 each behave similarly Pretty damn cheap. Who hooked you up? I want some! BTW have you moved houses already?
Shirt doesn't work for me either, undershirt or not
Quote: Originally Posted by tomorrowstars They can probably help you in the Men's Clothing subforum.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash I pick these, to match your special flower personality The construction on that looks really good, would you sell for $1500?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid No not at all. There are cheaper alternatives for GATs and CP like sneaks, only MMM GATs I like are the painted whites. It's even worse that it's not what you're aiming for. Those look fucking ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmistry regardless, you would say they are two versions of hoodie- rather than a lower tier model and a higher end one. thanks for the help Obviously they're two versions of a hoodie
Adds , drops
Quote: Originally Posted by internet_celebrity Look at that list... just about everything there has been done a thousand times before. Sorry if I'm coming off like a dick, I really do love your brand. You guys have done more with denim in a couple years than any other company out there and I respect your willingness to experiment and push the boundaries. But whenever I see a new and original fabric coming out it always seems to be Weird Guy or Skinny...
Fermat's Last Theorem by Simon Singh
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu does anyone know if Uniqlo tees sold in Asia run small compared to those sold in the west? I was surprised to find out that no Uniqlo stores in China carries XSs and that Ss are marked as appropriate for height range 155-165cm. In other news, I'm going to buy some factory seconds from Uniqlo's Shandong factory and will post back regarding quality etc. Yep, they run a size small or so
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