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Quote: Originally Posted by braised Good it is, red pepper flakes are better. B Red pepper flakes on pizzas are pretty bland, even Tabasco is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 nah the PS look MUCH better, the NC is way too tight on the calf, never a good look The New Cures fit looks nicer
Dropped in at CM at Edmonton City Centre today to check out the collection. I actually prefer it to the previous one. Madras and plaid stuff everywhere, none of which I liked, but I tried on a few shirts. The linen-blends were nice but practically nothing was on sale. And $80 for these shirts is a bit laughable. One of my favourites was the seersucker collection (three different colours). IF SOMEONE CAN HOOK ME UP WITH A GOOD DEAL ON THESE, GET IN TOUCH Fit...
what, uniqlo does sell clothes you can buy
more like alpha man, amirite
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town so does 100% cotton. a lot. philip13a nailed it, but I'll just re-state anyway because that's all I do in life While cotton jeans stretch, they typically remain that size until you soak/wash etc. Having that stretch material in jeans maintain their size
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town I really love N&F, but what is the appeal of denim with stretch? I'm asking seriously, as I have never owned any. It stretches
No choice but to droppp further Come on guys, these are crazy low prices
Quote: Originally Posted by bounce I'm doing some traveling and will be doing A LOT of walking the places I go, would be great to minimize what I'm carrying around. Anyone have a recommend on really comfortable walking shoes that can make the transition to night and not look like you just came from a foot race? thanks NBs
Quote: Originally Posted by Aniki Well, as this generation of nf customers get older (and their legs take on a little more fat, lol), SG and WG will become the cuts of choice. Just imagine all the collabs and materials nf would've gone through in a damn. I'll never go for Slim Guys since I doubt my calves will balloon in size anytime soon
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