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What a bizarre thread. Why ask if you're going to refute every subsequent comment/suggestion?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy [[SPOILER]] I like how all this blabbering was stopped immediately by the subsequent pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y j.crew x nike, so awesome. Woa, sick low profile. How does the suede feel/look irl?
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Any suggestions for places that buy worn clothing? BTW if anyone's interested in magazines/books, get in touch. Bringing the books to a 2nd hand store tomorrow but they won't accept magazines. Selling for $1 each, cheaper in bulk. I have GQ, Adbusters, Maxim, Photo World, Guitar World, Time etc etc
Assuming this will be around the same price point as the Lanvin collab, I'm actually pretty interested in seeing what pops up. Didn't really like Lanvin's (for men's, at least)
Quote: Originally Posted by Wupper via Twitter hmusa H&M USA H&M will team up with Versace for a celebratory collaboration full of signature styles from a fashion legend. #versaceforhm Woa.
Stockholm or Copenhagen
It's kernel panic, but it IS possible to get viruses on teh Macz despite popular belief. I have Sophos running in the background just in case, and it doesn't affect performance at all
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Oh, hai guys... Requesting the names of various liquidy additives people use to spruce-up their clothing. Wax is good, but what else? For instance, I've seen a 'laquered' shirt, and one referred to as 'laminated'. I'm curious what actual, purchasable materials these terms might refer to.... And just any other ideas someone could toss my way. Thanks. P.S. What the hell is metal clay, and what do you do with...
$20 shirts dropped to $15 now
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