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Added NdG knit
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks What the fuck is a classic polo look black, apparently
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? Was the shirt $80, or was it one of the $69 ones? $80 before the student discount, IIRC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Booter Thanks. I'm going to admit my initial question was vague and stupid and probably just go back to wearing trousers and chinos The world of denim is quite daunting. ? Why? He just gave you a bunch of options.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Good movie. Glad I watched this and not Green Lantern (based on reviews). I would love to know where all those awesome shawl collar cardigans came from. Oh God, Green Lantern was literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was even worse than the trailer, which is a pretty massive feat
Quote: Originally Posted by Booter My first foray to SW&D from MC... I wear jeans maybe 2-4 times per month. Strictly Levi's at the moment (the $60 dept store line or w/e). Is it possible to buy a "decent" pair of dark slim (but not tight) fitting jeans with no design on the pockets for under $100? I am really opposed to pocket design of any kind. These would be worn on weekends casually or on the occasional Friday at the office. I am of...
dropdropdrop, silly prices now
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyfingers I do not either. I feel it was made that way for a reason. I was being sarcastic. The reason is this: they're not going to spend money hemming to 5 million different inseams for every individual leg-length in the world. Get your damn jeans hemmed if you don't want to cuff/stack
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe No the shirt. Shorts are good. Yes I tried on that shirt and it was Hella slim. Think its a linen blend? I was wearing the seersucker. They have a few linen blends too (20% linen, 80% cotton). There were a few in really nice colours, but didn't bother trying on.
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