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Quote: Originally Posted by PLaydice They just look like asian gay guys and lesbian hipsters too me.......... ya why are there so many fucking asians in singapore and why are people homosexualz, god hates faggots etc etc etc
Quote: Originally Posted by reedobandito Damn, those loose knit cardigans look extraordinary. Who sells Schneider and how much does it usually retail for? I'm new to the brand... In Edmonton, only Gravity Pope. Shirts are about $250-300 and cardigans $350-400. Depends on the piece
AWESOME. Thanks kwoyeu
Holy damn, it is. Beautiful stuff
Money's on United, as always. And once again we've been linked to every other player in existence, but still no concrete deals
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng good luck wearing this in singapore weather LOL wtf how does he not melt wearing that in singapore
I love the free verse format. Best sales thread
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Damn copped every colour in the Slub crewnecks. One of the true slim flitting items for me at least. Highly suggested And you went TTS on them? I'm still dissatisfied with the polos I got from them
Used to be a lot of G-star, but nowadays the craze is Superdry and Diesel, I think. Loud branding aside, my former roommate used to dress fairly well - proper fit and nice colours/patterns etc. The rest of my friends are lesser versions of him
Sold lens, dropped Dunhill
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