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Quote: Originally Posted by wesny Can you post another picture of the Uniqlo shorts. I'm having trouble getting what the exact color is. Thanks. Almost 5 months late, congrats
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Dude, me too; I think it's a lost cause for another week with this strike. PM me as you see fit. Thought so. Shame, really wanted to get my hands on some Aventus. Anyway, fellow SF member is raiding my clothes and driving me to the airport in 3 hours After that, I'll be leaving Edmonton at 12pm and (most likely) will never come back. It's been a pretty great journey/experience, and Edmonton isn't as...
Fucking homosexuals, they are everywhere. The other day, I saw this really hot chick then I saw she had cuffs
^ Thanks for grabbing the lens, man. Also huge shoutout to Josh for being so amazingly generous. And I'm still hoping that Creed Aventus pops up by tonight
Quote: Originally Posted by stevent Some jeans on Barneys for $59. For Skinny guys how do they compare to Slim Guys. I would get a 34 in Slim guy would I be able to fit a 33 skinny guy? I'm not skinny by any means. Most likely not.
Surely not more drops? But it is, last day of selling
Please end it
Dropped every single item
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu sorry, totally forgot to check this thread. the seconds are available on taobao which is some kind of chinese rekuten (e.g. here) but the payment system is all whack (no international cc accepted) so i've yet to figure out a way to actually pay for the tees i bought haven't moved apt yet, i should've sublet it before i left. i shudder to think how many baller sneaks i could've kopped with the wasted $$$! ...
Penultimate drops
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