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fucking hell, ITS RAWWWWWW
Might just be me, but that pomegranate looks more and more like light pink everytime I see it.
I've got New Cures in 26 (good deal too small). Willing to trade for larger sizes, lemme know what you have (cut + size + condition etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Lol, fuck is 'shoop'? photoshop
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash Having owned a lot.........if you want comfort go for MMM GATs........way better than CPs IMO (comfort wise). I agree, MMMs are amazingly comfortable
Quote: Originally Posted by Dj5h1fT No, not the newcomers, haha. The Japan Heritage seems very similar to my friend's Imperials. Did you end up getting a pair of either yourself? By the way, thanks for the heads up! Nah, I wish. No cashez atm. Have fun with them and post progress pics!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dj5h1fT Does anyone know why I can't edit my first post of my listing in the Streetwear & Denim by any chance? Not planning to sell those newcomers, are you? And it's most likely because it's been going on for too long, just start a new thread with drops
Got a linen blazer from the Uniqlo flagship store in Malaysia. Not the best of fits, but decent enough. Only about $50 too, so I'm pretty happy with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y gn's going to hate me for saying this...but you should try cutting leg gym work out my man. your thighs look huge there and I know you work out, so it's not a "bad" huge, but my noob eye tells me you'd look better in your clothes with smaller thighs. just pick up running or something for leg work. Maybe SG cut is just not for him, Weird Guys might look better
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