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From my eye, it looks like a carpet beetle larvae. They will take apart a wool shirt in no time, so clean that thing ASAP and don't let it near your other wool/silk.
Thrift fit: Sport coat: Nordstrom silk/linen mix. Shirt: Lands' End OCBD Pants: Lands' End Tie: Lands' End silk knit Pocket Square: Vintage cotton hanky Shoes: Bass Weejuns Nothing too high-end. All thrifted or traded.
It's been bustsville for me thrifting lately, but I must enter into the dog discussion with our two Boston Terrors.
Been keeping up with this thread as usual and feeling jealous of all the great finds, and I finally broke a long drought with a capnwes-esque haul of vintage cufflinks (all Anson, Hickok and Swank). I still have zilch for french cuff shirts in my wardrobe, so all of these are likely available. Make me an offer (or trade offer, see my deets). 2 nice burgundy/maroon round glass with gold-tone, 1 horse and bridle, and one with retrievers heads over MOP inlay...
This coat is the effing dopeness. I would hope for cold winters just so I could wear it more. So beautiful.
Okay, so I'm sure that a lot of you won't feel like "outing" your buyers, but I thought a fun topic might be the most famous person you've ever sold to. Among us, certainly we've sold to some interesting people in our time. I'll start... Back in the day, my wife was much more active in terms of selling stuff on ebay, and she sold items to both Hamish Bowles (twice!) and Amy Sedaris. Personally, I haven't sold anything on ebay to anyone famous, but back when I was...
Where'd you find this deal?
Based on the buttons, I figured it was an orphan, and I hit the racks hard to try to find the pants but couldn't round up anything. Hell, I was hoping that there was something (anything) interesting donated along with it, but no dice...Thanks for the tip on the iron shine. That method seems odd (wouldn't vinegar make the garment smell?), but perhaps I'll try it out on something crappy before I roll the dice on the Brioni.
Okay, it's not Kiton, buuuuuuut, my first (non-tie) Brioni! 3 button super lightweight jacket, and I don't know enough about Brioni to tell whether it's an orphan or not (or how new it is or whether it's desirable). I usually wear a 42L and this one must fit a smidgen small because it darn near fits me other than the arms, so I'm tempted to keep it, but will probably find a new home. Tag below if anyone can get me a few more deets on it. (Only bummer is that when I...
Okay, so here are some pictures of the Allen Edmonds that I mentioned before. Looking at them even more closely (and taking their pictures) makes me think that they're definitely different year versions of the same model or something, as they're just not the same shoe. Person I bought them from said they were a gift to him, but seems willing to work with me, so I'm going to send him the pics and it should be fairly obvious.Here's the toe box, with some other pics below the...
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