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If you haven't read this piece in GQ about Buzz Bussinger, I would recommend it. It's not about Thrifting, but the levels of opulence (mostly Gucci) and addiction are absolutely crazy. http://m.gq.com/news-politics/newsmakers/201304/buzz-bissinger-shopaholic-gucci-addiction
Welcome to the time machine.... Vintage Pendleton tweed. Totally amazing, in my size... Vintage cherry red 100% wool drivers hat by Stetson Vintage cream-colored Bally loafers, Gatsy-style. Oldest Hermes tie I've ever seen. Only 2.5 inches wide at the widest spot. Made for Maus and Hoffman? No idea how to date this one, but I'm guessing 70s?
Not sure how old these are, but it's a screaming deal for a vintage pair of Florsheim gunboats.
Here's a detail.
Found these really cool Faconnable penny loafers. They looked pretty rough when I snagged them, but a couple coats of polish and some brushing later they look killer. Am I crazy, or are these made (in the U.S.A.) by Allen Edmonds? Everything about their construction leads me to believe they are.
Not sure what Vitale Barberis Canonico means, but the Zanella micro-check unicorns I found are made out of it.
Had my best day ever last week, but unfortunately only keeping one thing. Luckily, it is really rad. I've been looking for a new bag for a couple months now and the thrift gods smiled on me.Vintage, NOS Banana Republic cotton twill bag with leather and brass trim. Made in the UK! Not sure of the era, probably early 80s?more deets below the fold... [[SPOILER]]
We used to run into this (mainly because we buy huge-ass loaves and sometimes get burnt out), but we've found some awesome stuff to do with it depending on the season.Winter: French onion soup, or homemade stuffing for game-hens / turkeys, etc. You can make some amazing bonkers stuff with everything from old baguettes to round sourdough loaves. Also... BREAD PUDDING!Summer: Croutons for salad. Incredibly easy.Any season: Give dat shit to the birds and watch them get fat.
Question for anyone in the know...Found three pairs of vintage sunglasses at an estate sale. They're all ladies. One was a pair of Christian Dior butterflies, the other was a 14k gold plate Persols. I picked up this third pair simply because the other two were so nice, but I can't find anything about these. They're well made (if a bit gaudy, and likely from the same era as the aforementioned butterflies), and the only markings I can find on them is one arm says "Parilux"...
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