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I've been waiting for some big hits from year-end donations, but it's been really really dry around here. I've found some fun, quirky things and lots of fodder (won't bore you with the latter). My fave things from the past week... Vintage Velva-Sheen. So weird. I love it. Vintage Banana Republic bomber. Glorious patina. Complete in box. Totally AWESOME. Blast from my past and my 4 year old enjoys playing it.
It's 2016, do you know where your @PLaydice is? I miss you man, come back soon. The rest of you guys are making me jealous. I haven't found anything worth a shite lately, but did get some beer grailz from my BeerBro who grabbed me some stuff on a road trip. 17% Imperial IPA bomber FTW.
Not sure my sneak game is on point, but these were too cheap to pass. N/A
Holy crap, guys. I found vicuña. [[SPOILER]]
Jeebus, @ejay1, that is fucking insane.
What's the funniest Custom Collection Vineyard Vines you've ever found? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: