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8 and 5. (Fingers crossed)
This is too short for me, but it seems like a screamin' deal (not my auction) http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAUL-STUART-NY-LIGHT-BEIGE-PLAID-PATTERN-100-EXTRA-FINE-WOOL-SUIT-43L-42-/321234893867?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item4acb177c2b
It's been lamer than lame here, but I've enjoyed following the thread. No major thrift scores recently, but I did find this at a garage sale. HUGE (about 3x4 feet) silk WW2 escape map of Japan and South China. It's not worth a ton, but it's in really great shape given the age. Incredibly detailed, with all kinds of land features and ocean currents. We're going to figure out a way to mount it safely and frame it for preservation, as they're getting rarer all the time.
HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT NAT. I think you just broke the thread.
Ran across a really neat Ferragamo tie. Saw this hat and it felt incredibly substantial when I picked it up. Not really my style, but I flipped it over and looked at the inside of the brim. Whoot. Also wished I still played tennis, as I found a minty Head Flexpoint 6.
In the field, this made me laugh.
First up, a question.Is this Hickey Freeman for Burberry?If so, I have a sick Burberry (London) glen plaid suit in 44R (measurements spoilered). Get at me if interested. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone like vintage Nike stuff? Picked up a couple (probably 80s) jackets, both made in U.S.A. One is this cool tri-color windbreaker in size M. Another is this black, fully lined crinkle-finish nylon number in XL (fits more like a modern L). Very old school hip hop.
Hickey Freeman sport coat that is totally baller. Not my size and headed to the bay. It is so, so soffffffft.
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