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Sickest. Belstaff. Ever.
I'm likely going to be moving in the next 3-6 months as well and will probably make some harder cuts so I have less crates to lug.If anyone is interested, I can post a list of stuff I'd trade/sell (or PM me).Phil Manzanera "Diamond Head," I'm looking at you! (among others).
It's in my top 10 favorite albums. Kinda a grail for me, and I'd probably put it up there with finding Kiton (which I still haven't found).
Yeah, this is my first. It's not in perfect shape, but I'm not going to pass up a Can LP unless it's destroyed. On the same note, I found my first Ash Ra Tempel LP ("Seven Up" with Tim Leary) this year as well (also not in perfect shape, but ya know, I'm still going to buy dat shit). I scored the entire Kraftwerk catalogue in minty shape about 2 years ago at a garage sale, too.Still looking to pop my Neu! and Popol Vuh cherries.
Best record scores in awhile (there were more in the haul, but these are my favorites)
Nat (or anyone else). Is this a thing? It is heavy as heck for what it is, and the styling is amazing.
Found a couple neat things today. First up, this rad tweed hat from Edinsburgh Woollen Mill For those who like old stuff, I found this pair of "California Bantams" by Crosby Square shoes. I knew they were old from the nail pattern, but from what I can find it seems like they could be as old as the 40s... Crazy part is that the uppers are nearly flawless. If anyone is interested in seeing more pics, I'll try to get some in better light. They're pretty cool.
Another fun find. Mid 80s PRL ceramic mug set, still new in box.
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