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Godammit all of you guys with your killer finds this weekend. I hope some of that trickles down to me soon. At least I got to see Kraftwerk from the 5th fucking row this weekend. So there!
Sorry, Wes. That time always sucks, but it looks like your hound lived the good, good life.
Thought you all would appreciate this.My mom and stepdad are on vacation and they like to do a lot of hiking. They were out today and got stopped on the road due to a large cattle-drive moving a herd of 800 (!) animals. My mom talked to one of the cowboys and said he was super nice. [[SPOILER]]
Vintage Patagonia Capilene suit?
I feel like the summer doldrums hit later than usual here this year. September was almost a complete bust, then during the last week things started falling from the sky finally. All of this is N/A because we had a hail storm and I've got a deductible to pay (but at least I get a new roof)! Super cool Burberry London houndstooth sport coat in blue Noice Brioni tie Vintage 80s Cheers hoodie! Super sick Donegal tweed sport coat. vintage and minty VTG M-1951 field...
@silverwarebandit and @eazye right now.... Amazing stuff, you guys. I hope that there's enough manna from the thrift gods to rain down on us other peons.
That feeling when two of the first three LPs you flip through are old Clash albums... Then you only find a couple more good ones... Still. Not bad.
Hilariously awesome find. Vintage Ski-Doo puffer vest. N/A
6 pairs of Randolph Engineering and American Optical pilot glasses, some NOS.
@SpooPoker Paintings on that jacket are definitely Degas ballerina stuff: Here's a gallery of Degas' ballerina-related works with images of most of the ones that are painted on that jacket.
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