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Dammit. Quote not working right. How many people wish Playdice was doing the thrift gift exchange? I do. Keep on posting the wild stuff, I love it.
That thing where you find a neat stack of cheap stuff at a discount store (*cough* Marshalls) but don't want to post in here because you want to save one of them for the thrifty gift exchange.
Today's finds brought to you by America! Fuck yeah! Jacket N/A
Soooo good, although I'd have probably gone with a G'Night if I didn't have to drive anywhere afterwards.Nice freakin' jacket, too. Damn.
All this vintage sneaker talk made me wonder just how the heck they do a restoration. Found a video. I learned some stuff.
My wife had a good day. 25 pieces of Anchor-Hocking Fire-King for .25 each.
Yeehaw. The thrift gods have actually smiled on me a bit lately. No thriftening, but some good stuff. Started off with... [[SPOILER]]
Congrats! @DanM!
Godammit all of you guys with your killer finds this weekend. I hope some of that trickles down to me soon. At least I got to see Kraftwerk from the 5th fucking row this weekend. So there!
Sorry, Wes. That time always sucks, but it looks like your hound lived the good, good life.
New Posts  All Forums: