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Found some rad vintage T-shirts today. This one is my fave.
First great LP finds in 2016. Some awesome spoken word stuff on Caedmon, including Ginsberg doing William Blake and my personal fave of VINCENT PRICE reading Shelley poems.
Sorry for your loss @AlexJ1100 Good dogs make great memories.
I love this so much.
Did it have a COA?Basically looks like this one at APMEX. From the sounds of it, you're under the 10% rule, and probably under 1%.
Most odd find lately is these old Water Prints by Reyn Spooner swim trunks. Quality dangle room right there.
Synergy. I just found a super old pair of pre-logo Wayfarers too. They're my new fave sunglasses. Also found these. I don't think they're Porsche, but they're old and HUGE.
Back?Did it ever go away in the first place?
Spoo Kids on The Block (eww) The Spoo Pornonographers Speu (Neu, natch)
This shit is bonkers. Was that your desk on the site you posted?I noticed the desk there had sold already. BOING!
New Posts  All Forums: