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@capnwes and @Spoopoker, you guys are awesome. As a guy with a toddler of my own, that's seriously generous. This is a great community. I don't post here as often as most, but I follow religiously and ya'll seem like a great group. Cheers to everyone in 2014.
Found some decent rekkids today. A couple awesome Nonesuch Explorer Series (especially love Drummers of Burundi), and the oddly semi-elusive Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack as well as a cool old Dylan Thomas 2LP reading. Also most likely my rarest find in awhile, an LP by Curtis Knight Zeus, who was the dude sorta semi-credited with helping discover Jimi Hendrix. Several members of his band on this LP went on to play with Motorhead on some of their best cuts.
Had quite a few people interested in those hats I mentioned. More pictures and details in the spoilered... [[SPOILER]]
After finding that Sierra Designs 60/40 about two weeks ago, I got all psyched today when stumbling across something similar...Turns out, it's a weird vintage 60/40-esque thing made from a KIT in the early 70s. Not a ton of information on it, but it's still pretty cool... [[SPOILER]] Also, the belt of a true badass... I also found a pile of vintage tweed hats. Dunn & Co Harris Tweed, Churchill Ltd, Dobbs, Stetson, all pretty sweet. If anyone is interested, I could post...
If everyone posted all the worthless stuff they passed on, this thread would be lame as hell. Seriously, just stop.
Insert popcorn-eating image here.
Found these this morning (among other things). I'd never heard of the label (Baker Benjes) before, but the leather and construction is super-nice.
Haven't seen a thrift fit in awhile and I've had a glass of wine, so what the hell... [[SPOILER]]
This thing is easily one of the coolest finds in the past hundred or so pages of cool finds. Amazeballs.
I honestly couldn't figure it out. Tags are a smidgen different than some of the ones I've seen online, and down on the inside where the content tags are, there are ones in both English and Japanese. Maybe it's a more recent repro? At first I had $$ in my eyes when I found it, but when it fit I realized I've gotta keep some good things for myself. I probably don't do that enough...
New Posts  All Forums: