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I've always had a soft spot for the Moz (even solo), but a friend of mine in college had this shirt and it always cracked me up.
Call me a sucker, but I always really liked the S/T album by Electronic as well, which featured Marr and Sumner.
Super cool, man. That is awesome.
Less talk. More rock.
I hear ya living out here in the boonies, although I found a Pancaldi pleated once that sold for $150. One of my single best $1 thrifts ever.
Mens. 2 Legit? N/A, unless they're fake.
Bummer for me. Appreciate the knowledge, though. They're pretty well made fakes, and I've seen others (with the Made in Taiwan tag) tag online, so there must be a decent amount of them floating around.
People with sneaker knowledge, can I get your opinion? [[SPOILER]]
'Twas ridiculous getting this home in the car, but this is my favorite thing I've thrifted this year. 6.5 feet tall vintage MCM smoked chrome lamp (for less than the cheapie IKEA it's sitting in front of). Edit: On further inspection, it looks like it's this lamp from Goffredo Reggiani
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