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Been so dead here lately, but today I hit a tucked away garage sale and bought half the wardrobe of a guy who had a bunch of hand-tailored suits. They aren't designer names (unless Jules de Bergerac counts), but he was a super interesting fellow who did vintage gun shooting demonstrations and these suits (and SCs) are some of the most strange and delightful I've ever found. Pics soonish (if anyone is interested).
I think she did a bang up job for 20 bucks to turn that into something you add to your own collection. Gives it a bit more of a story too.I'm no leather expert, but I'd give the whole thing a light, gentle massage with some Lexol. Others might have better ideas.
Combined with what you snagged yesterday, that is a super nice pile of ties.
All this fart talk just makes me miss @Klobber 😄
Mini LP thriftening today. The entire Queen catalogue, some other randos, and this stuff. The Zappa is the real gem of the lot, along with the two Takoma label LPs.
Today was jacket day, found a cool vintage M65, a calfskin PRL, and this vintage army thing. @Nataku is this anything? I've not seen anything like it. Made of super thick wool with really nice buttonholes. No tags anywhere.
This game all day long, along with Fireball Mountain (which, oddly enough are both very sought after on the other site). My grandmother had both of these games, and I would entertain myself by playing them solo all day (re-writing the rules so it made sense for one person). I think all these games were a very smart correction by game companies to try to compete with the burgeoning video game market at the time. Rather than go flat, they got more tactile and incorporated a...
Jeebus, @mainy. Way to come back with a vengeance. Not sure if Saucony's are SF approved (or basically viewed as the equivalent of dad jeans), but I snagged these sweet ass Retros for $25 shipped off amazon, so sorta e-thrift? (edit: looks like they're up to $28 now) in Tiffany blue since I haven't found shit lately.
Still super dead here. Sad, but living vicariously through you all here. Two fun small things tonight. Didn't know that Peugot made MCM pepper grinders, but this thing is awesome. VTG Screen Stars Route 66 shirt. For the LOLs.
Been keeping up on the thread and there's so much fire lately. It's been dry as a bone here. Totally brutal. Other than some fodder, the only thing that's tripped my trigger lately is this vintage Banana Republic safari shirt that has the coolest pattern I've ever seen on one. Really rad quail print. N/A. Keep on rockin' it, ya'll. Send some good luck my way while you're at it.
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