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Found a lot of stuff today. Pics tomorrow when there is better light.
Yeah, I definitely didn't buy it to use as a pocket square. It seemed like a really nice women's scarf, but I was unable to determine maker, so I thought I'd see if anyone in here knew.
Pick this up because it was super cheap and really well-made but I have no idea who made it. Anyone have an idea from the design? It's about 24"x24" square. Also found some super crispy NOS Levi's from the 70s. Good times.
Holy ish at theODGuy. 3 effing Barbours and a Tom Ford? Can't wait to see what that is. This isn't my best find of the day, but it's my favorite. How long you think it's been since BR made shirts like this? (Yes, I am a sucker for pretty much anything BR or A&F vintage)
My faves haven't even been mentioned..."Synecdoche, NY" (one of my favorite films of the past ten years)"Punch Drunk Love" (- Seriously, god dammit!)"The Savages""Boogie Nights"PLUS all his roles in flims like "25th Hour," "Talented Mr. Ripley," "Magnolia," "Hard Eight," on and on and on and on and on.UGHHHH. One of the best actors of his generation, easily.
Just found a ridiculous vintage herringbone overcoat. Made by Richman Brothers on... 9/29/45 No size tags inside, so I have a feeling it's going to be a spitball trying to figure out sizing. Anyone have a link to a good rough guide on figuring out the size on an overcoat?
Caseyfud, that old Hardy Amies tweed is oar some.
Thrifting with my wife and she walks towards me with a big grin and these (among other things) in the cart. Yeah, she's awesome.
Dafuq? Amazing.
This thread = HOLY. CRAP. I am hoping some of this lucks lands on me tomorrow when I head out tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: