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I got my Thriftsmas gift and opened it (hopefully that's not too gauche), and I love it! Unfortunately, I have no idea who it is from! Going to post a fit pic in the Thrift Holiday Exchange thread, but feel free to PM me to take credit, my Canadian friend.
This thing is insane awesome.
Sorry to hear about your hound, @SomethingsFishy It always sucks. Good dogs leave great memories.
This. Is. Amaze balls.
Dayummmmn @SpooPoker, I think you're looking at at least another Ferrari's worth of profit on that haul! I don't even smoke, and I'm going to need a smoke after looking at that pile .
I'm 90% sure this is good. Full outfit top and bottoms. ?. @Nataku Pants and shirt are stamped A-M. Just found your old guide and I think these are good!
Just gotta echo everyone else, that @Reosymes and @colorvision serendipity story was one of the best things I've read on here (other than some of Klobbers bodily-function-related tales) since it's been going (and I've read from the start). Awesome stuff! Thrift Karma to all!
When I first saw this label, I thought it was some sort of insane new streetwear name that I'd never heard of. Seriously, look at that tag... [[SPOILER]]
Sorry guys... I probably got too excited. It's not a lot of rare stuff, but a wide breadth of cool stuff. 99 cents each. I'm especially stoked about the S/T Dylan, the Black Market Clash, the BRUCE, ,the Miles Davis, the Decline of Western Civ OST (which is rare!) and the Tom Waits.
Vinyl-heads.... Thriftening is happening to me. Deets soonish.
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