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POP! On Church's Custom Grade!
After more research, it looks like the Risom is actually part of a floating desk. It's basically a walnut filing cabinet. It needs a little love, but it was dirt cheap, so we're going to rehab it and have our first Risom piece. I am psyched about the Nishiki, as it's my size, but I already have 3 bikes, so I'm going to have to give at least one of them the boot. Crazy thing on the Nishiki is that it seems like it was just tuned up. New tires (still have the nubs), tubes,...
Had my best couple days in awhile. Found a bunch of Zenga shirts, some Billy Reid plaid, and these that fit. Stoked! Also found this oddity. Close up of embroidery... Some nice Zelli tassel loafers (what kind of skin is that, the badges on the bottom of the shoes had come off). My personal best find was actually free. Neighbors a couple houses up are moving and this was by the curb with a free sign. Paint has some wear, but it rides like butter. Vintage Nishiki...
I never find shoes in my size, so I was stoked to snag these nearly unworn Adidas. Soles are so thick they put me at about 6'7" with them on. LOL.
Free babysitting too (grandparents?) while thrifts are pillaged? That would be even better. Seriously, though, awesome. I'm going to be heading to a different part of the country here in a month or so (think @Fuecoland). I'm hoping to find a Tom Ford snap T while there.
Welp, @Nataku, that outta pay for part of the trip at least. INSANE.Those records, too. I dream of a haul like that.Trying to pay the thrift gods forward a bit here, [[SPOILER]]
Mostly living vicariously through this thread lately, but I had a few nice finds today. Some awesome 80s albums (not pictured, but still great, most of U2 and REMs 80s output) Deadstock Levis t for the 84 Olympics. Amazeballs.
Been so dead here lately, but today I hit a tucked away garage sale and bought half the wardrobe of a guy who had a bunch of hand-tailored suits. They aren't designer names (unless Jules de Bergerac counts), but he was a super interesting fellow who did vintage gun shooting demonstrations and these suits (and SCs) are some of the most strange and delightful I've ever found. Pics soonish (if anyone is interested).
New Posts  All Forums: