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Thrifting with my wife and she walks towards me with a big grin and these (among other things) in the cart. Yeah, she's awesome.
Dafuq? Amazing.
This thread = HOLY. CRAP. I am hoping some of this lucks lands on me tomorrow when I head out tomorrow.
I know that Ryan Gosling made the puffy satin embroidered jacket hip again, but this is 'MERICA!
So pitted.
Picked this up and thought it was some crazy ninja wool hooded streetwear thing. Turns out it's just some massively heavy-duty bush jacket. Probably the craziest thing I've found in this young year so far.
I just ran 6 through 3 inches of snow and a minus 8 windchill. Was going to do more, but I'm kind of a wimp.
@capnwes and @Spoopoker, you guys are awesome. As a guy with a toddler of my own, that's seriously generous. This is a great community. I don't post here as often as most, but I follow religiously and ya'll seem like a great group. Cheers to everyone in 2014.
Found some decent rekkids today. A couple awesome Nonesuch Explorer Series (especially love Drummers of Burundi), and the oddly semi-elusive Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack as well as a cool old Dylan Thomas 2LP reading. Also most likely my rarest find in awhile, an LP by Curtis Knight Zeus, who was the dude sorta semi-credited with helping discover Jimi Hendrix. Several members of his band on this LP went on to play with Motorhead on some of their best cuts.
Had quite a few people interested in those hats I mentioned. More pictures and details in the spoilered... [[SPOILER]]
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