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This is exactly what happened. Tried the oils. Looked awesome for a couple hours, but when I checked them out again tonight it was back.Tried the magic eraser and... MAGIC.I'm not sure what's in those things, but I am glad they make them.
Rounded the corner into the toy aisle and saw this today. Made me LMAO.
Sunglasses guys, I snagged this pair of old USA Wayfarers for a buck, but they have some hazy white areas on the frame around the bridge of the nose and by the ears. I hit it with goo gone, but no dice. Any suggestions?
That's not the only Jordan stuff I got. More tomorrow. I know jack shite about them, really, but was planning on doing some research. I can hook you up with Seinfeld if you feel like sharing some tips...
Do you guys like the 90s? Because I had a little time warp today... All N/A, sorry. Trio of Pearl Jam snap backs. 4 Jumpman Jordan's, some NWT. Seinfeld, Bobby Zimmerman, and Macca snap backs. Finally, my favorite... RIP, you sexy, glorious mofo
Great couple days for me. Tons of cool vintage, plus this stuff... Kickass Tommy nautical vest. Silk/cashmere sweater by.... Bijan! POP! Weird-ass RLX jacket. All N/A Lastly, anyone know a good place to figure out model #s on scuba stuff? Got this Scubapro regulator for dirt cheap and I'm trying to figure out more about it.
Speaking of wives finding stuff, my wife just snagged both of these for me. Both are almost 100% full and were thrifted.
Pop! Cane with a motherfucking sword in it.
Also, any watch guys? This seems like it's pretty nice quality, but I don't know anything about the logo.
You guys are killing me with your awesome stuff. It's dead of summer here (emphasis on dead), but I found some vintage goodness in the past week. Let's take this back in time a bit... 39 years, From 1977 40 years, from 1976 Both N/A
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