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Sorry guys... I probably got too excited. It's not a lot of rare stuff, but a wide breadth of cool stuff. 99 cents each. I'm especially stoked about the S/T Dylan, the Black Market Clash, the BRUCE, ,the Miles Davis, the Decline of Western Civ OST (which is rare!) and the Tom Waits.
Vinyl-heads.... Thriftening is happening to me. Deets soonish.
Since everyone else is doing it... [[SPOILER]]
Stopped at a little hole in the wall shop today and found this great Pendleton tweed plus three ancient Burberry shirts. Seriously can anyone date these?
Found my first one a couple months ago, it was UGLY AF.Sold within an hour of listing it for a Benjamin.
SD is San Diego and not South Dakota, right? Otherwise I'm heading to Sioux Falls pronto.
Found this and couldn't pass it up. Vintage embossed full grain leather Boy Scout belt. 60s or earlier I'm guessing. Size 36, available. Also, a really neat vintage Banana Republic shirt. XS, also available.
Super sick navy striped Drakes gren tie is what it was. Super hawt.
Stores here today were still totally bombed out from Halloween, so I didn't find much of anything. However, I did grab the weirdest thing I have bought in awhile, mainly because it was cheap. Are you ready for weird? New, old stock (early 70s) Lee denim sport coat (or "Victory Coat") with hand-embroided hippy stuff on the back. It should probably be burned with fire, but I thought it was worth a kop. Also found these really strange Levis California wool/cotton blend...
SIIIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKKKI'm going out tomorrow. I've got a bad itch that I need to scratch.
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