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Mega dry round here, so it's good to see others killin it. Might be looking up, though, just found these vintage NOS Nikes (Cortez?)
@SpooPoker, the store looks incredible! If I'm ever in the area, bet to heck I'll swing through. Really awesome.
Clothes were a bust at the store i went to, but I found this unused game, so... Not a completely wasted night. Then my wife rolls up with this exact coat. Holy heck.
Okay, my guess is that most of what I got isn't rare or hugely valuable, but it was still a fun find. Here's some of the wine...
Okay, this is pretty wild... Went for a bike ride tonight like usual because it's trash night. Went by one house with interesting looking boxes by the curb and peeked in... Holy crap. Immediately ride home, get car and proceed to load everything in. Just unpacked it all. 28 unopened bottles of wine from between 1999-2008 and 14 unopened bottles of liquor and mixers. I think some of it might be older, maybe rare?
My wife wins the week (month?!) in our house... Vintage Poul Jensen for Selig Z chair. New in box vintage BR pith helmet.
A few more recent rando finds (stop me if these are boring, I can't find Kiton or Tom Ford around here so these will have to suffice). Vintage Sleazy Riders (Harley?) snapback Vintage Banana Republic Safari Company Israeli paratrooper bag I haven't eaten at McDonalds in 15 years, but have nostalgia for it. Wasn't going to leave this (deadstock?) WTF thing. Just in time for football season Now drinking. Cheers!
Killer haul @Nataku ! Other than a huge stash of vintage jazz or psych rock, that's basically my dream haul for LPs. Someday...
Heart skipped a beat when I saw these today... Ended up being one of 7 pairs of Been Had, not bad. Possible best find is this super old t-shirt. Never seen another like it. I'm almost 100% sure it's John Lennon, a rough illustration of this classic photo of him with his Rickenbocker. It was stained AF when I got it, but did the treatment on it and it's definitely come back to life. I'm going to have to do some more research. Also, I miss the old Kanye. Ha!
@Fueco Sorry to read that and condolences to you and your family. Be well.
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