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Damn, totally forgot these from yesterday (buried under fodder). N/A, sorry. They're BAMF.
No worries, I'm just messin' with you too.Honestly, I have no idea whether it's seen service. Pants have a few stains, jacket has a bit of underarm discoloration, but there's no sign of patches, names, or other information other than the manufacturers tag. I'm just amazed to have found it. I love this stuff. I wish it had more provenance, but ah well.@justridiculousA couple more things I found today. First, this old and cool thing...Vintage 50s American Field hunting...
Let's call the whole thing off.
@Nataku This is by far the oldest thing I've found too. I need to do some research, but it seems to be a uniform that is customizable based on core of engineers, or even aviation, depending on patches, etc. There are barely any tags or markings on the entire thing. Pants! Jacket/tunic is killer, with all original buttons. Only manufacturing tag in the entire outfit. Also, the decent finds continue today...
A few of the fun things... Minty vtg crewneck. Vtg skate hat. World War 1 uniform. Incredible condition. What are those? Oh yeaaaah Kangaroo fur toggle vest. Soft AF. Timely? From 1972!!! N/A unless you really blow up my skirt.
That coat is from Narnia, man.
Today was a good day. Cartier. WW1 clothing. Kangaroo fur. 70s deadstock. More. Deets later.
Person I got has only posted a couple times in the past 2 years, so I would appreciate people hopping in here and giving some suggestions. For whomever gets me... I have more than enough ties and traditional menswear. I like quirky stuff and coffee and beer that I am unable to obtain in my location, but I will honestly love anything that arrives. It's all about the surprise and thought. Cheers, bros. Let's do this!
They are. I'm still learning on the sneaker front, so I hope I didn't hose anything up in my description.
Finally starting to pick up around here. Found my first true ERDL piece (field jacket), 3 pairs of Vietnam-era cotton sateen OG-107 pants, and a couple other slightly interesting things... Vintage LL Bean pullover jacket thing Huge hardback Tory Burch book in slipcase, with signature card! Vintage Jordan t-shirt Vintage Macca New World Tour hat Book and pullover N/A, get at me on the MJ shirt or hat.
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