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Would this be a big and tall King Kong or a somewhat lithe and tall King Kong? Just wondering, because I have ape arms (16 (sometimes 16.5) - 37/38 shirts) and I would probably be interested...
Bumping for price drop. I'd like to move these, so feel free to make an offer if you're so inclined.
There's plenty of hot weather left, and you probably need this pair of shoes to slam around in until fall. Allen Edmonds model Orleans in a size 13 B (narrow), worn but not abused, with the clay-court colored vibram sole. I'd give them probably an 8 out of 10 in terms of condition (they have a few faint marks on the toes, the worst of which is pictured in the first two photos below, but hey, these things happen). As you can see from the soles, they haven't been worn a...
Bump for drops, 20-25% across the board.
Just had a really nice transaction with caseyfud. Great attention to detail and fast shipping. Very recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 it was a regular store when i saw the price tag i almost fainted i thought it was a cruel joke and missing like 1 or 2 zeros If you see a couple new employees in the near future at the same place, it's probably because a couple got canned for leaving off a couple zeros and letting it out of the store... Seriously, though, amazing find.
With all the holiday sales that thrift stores usually have over Independence Day, I figured this thread would be bumping, but maybe everyone else had the same crap-tastic luck I did. Went a couple places each of the past couple days and it's been a total burn. I haven't found
Prices below include 1st class USPS shipping in the United States in a bubble-wrap mailer with a piece of cardboard for stiffness. If you wish to have a different method of mailing, PM, or buy 3 or more ties and I'll upgrade to priority USPS for free. If you're interested in more than one, make me an offer and I'll knock money off as well, I need to clear out my closet a bit. All ties are in used, but excellent (9 out of 10 or more) condition. Art-deco inspired Brioni...
Today was almost a complete and total bust. Found some Zanella pants, but they were pleated and way too small for me so I didn't snag them. They were 32/30 if I remember, so I can snag them for someone if they're interested (navy blue with faint gray stripes). The only thing that made my day worth going out at all was finding an autographed (in gold marker) copy of Ghostfast Killah's "Fishscales" album. Boom-schwacky!
Quote: Originally Posted by caseyfud I'll be back in that area on Friday, and I'll be sure to take a look at it again. If the pants are the size you're looking for, should I immediately pick it up or check with you beforehand? I shot you a PM, if the pants are my size (and not massively pleated), snag it. Danke!
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