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I've seen several posts in here lately were people are mentioning returning stuff to thrift stores. Do people actually do that? Seriously? Seems pretty oily to me to buy a bunch of stuff, then check the internet to see if it's worth anything before returning it to a thrift store. WTF?
Women's jacket.
Based on the usual stuff I find around here, my guess is that they're mega old, but then again I know very little about C&J and high-end shoe logos in general. I'd hope that they aren't fake (and would guess that they're not based on the super supple leather), but who knows... maybe someone is doing that shit.
Spoo, you had mentioned wanting to see more photos of the Crockett and Jones shoes that I'd found, and I finally got around to taking them. Here are a couple, but I've created an album of 8 photos for those who want to see more. Couple notes: You were right about them being hand grade (of course). I took a photo of the sole of the shoes and you can actually see part of the stamp (photo #8). They're incredibly low wear, as is evidence by the photo above of the...
Good day for me. Found 3 NEW cedar shoes in my size. Was needing a few, so it stocked me up (at $2.99 a pair). Also found some great LPs (a couple old New Order, a rad Soft Cell mega 12", and a super old Art of Noise) and some nice Dr. Seuss books for my daughter. Also found a couple keeper ties for myself and all of the following, which are for trade/sale if anyone is interested... This one is 15.5 slim fit, I don't think you can read the tag. Great colors,...
This fall and winter has been bust central for me, but I've found some pretty rad stuff the past couple days. Vintage, Sanforized denim jacket by Lee (probably early 60s or so), with the heavy quilted wool lining (bulletproof!), a bunch of cool ties, a beautiful vintage wool overcoat, and these... 6.5 sizes too small for me, but I had to buy them, as I've never seen C&J in the wild before (and these have their original, super-heavy trees complete with brass pulls) and...
Interested as well. I have really long arms, though, so I'd be curious on the sleeve lengths on at least 1 or 2. Cheers.
Might be worth (everyone here) keeping an eye on Dwolla. Just read about them the other day and they've got some big backing. I think everyone is pissed at Paypal at this point, and at .25 a transaction (regardless of size), I think this thing could really take off.
It's pretty much been bustsville in terms of clothing here lately, but I did find a rad couch about a week ago. Mid-century style (7 feet long!) in naugahyde and chrome. Made by Patrician (who apparently make high-end stuff for government and healthcare industries). $100 and kind of a pain to get home, but considering we had been looking for a new couch... suh-sweet!
Me x 5. I've watched your stuff on ebay many a times and definitely would be interested in getting the down low.16x37 shirts, 42L (or extra long) suits/sc's, 13 shoes.
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