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I saw this the first time around and drooled and I'm feeling it again. Like Nataku said, possibly one of my favorite outerwear pieces I've seen in this entire THREAD. Amazing.
Rarely look at CDs anymore, but was scanning and flipped this one up for some reason... Autographed! Also, some interesting Mezlan 3/4 woven captoes. NWT Vineyard Vines should be worth some gas money at least.
Kinvara... Love them. Trained for my first half marathon with a pair last year, now veer back and forth between them, a pair of Saucony Virrata, and a pair of Hoka Bondi. 2nd Half (did okay for a sasquatch) went in the books this year and I'm trying to decide whether to do a 3rd.
I've had a very melancholy week, so I went out and hit my sweet spot tonight hoping some luck would continue. Found a minty mint ladies Burberry trench coat (with heavy lining) and this... So cool. [[SPOILER]]
Holy crap this is amazing.ALSO, quoting this killer thing because it's super aweome.
Both original (circa 1984 or so), both in awesome shape, and both N/A.
Been freaking ages since I posted. Finally found a house after hunting for over two years and summer was a wash. Been following this thread and it's been an insane summer and obviously Spoo's post is the perfect kick-off to fall.Finally got out lately and found some neat stuff (for my standards). I'm excited to post here again and get in on some Secret Santa action.First up, a sweet LP, clothes behind the jump. [[SPOILER]]
Can I haz ERDL?
Finally got through the last 10 pages or so, including Wes and the Hunds posts. All I have to say is fucking bravo. Amazing stuff. I've had some meager finds lately, but I can't even post them in the wake of that stuff. Incredible.
This is a replacement for the copy I own, as it's a fancy West German printing with a super-slick sleeve and nicer-looking vinyl.The sad part is that for every LP above, I passed on five better ones due to condition. Saw a lot of cool stuff, but it was trashed, which is pretty much how it goes a lot of the time. It makes the finds that much sweeter.
New Posts  All Forums: