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Found the weirdest damn pair of Levis ever today. Levis "Fresh Produce" with an orange tag. Straight up 70s disco what the something or other. 36x36! I don't care if these are a thing. They have scallop butt pockets and they were $1.
My best find in a long time. Hugo Boss 100% lamb leather jacket. N/A
Also, just in time for temperatures to warm up, I found this BEAST. Vintage Grais sherpa-lined split cowhide (looks and feels like suede) jacket.
Back when my wife was selling lots of vintage womens clothes, she sold not one, but two separate pieces to Hamish Bowles. She also sold a super cool enamel dutch oven to Amy Sedaris. We looked for it in her next book, but didn't see it. I've sold vinyl to both David Byrne and Henry Rollins (or people with the same names who live in the same cities).
Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently looking for a DD turntable, but (perhaps stupidly) decided to pass on these. Maybe I'll find that Thorens next month...
MCS component stack for $65. Buy? Turntable is 6602 DD. Everything looks minty.
Nat, must be lucky record day. I found some cheese, I found some staples, and I found the "Songs In The Key of Life" limited press with the book and bonus 7". Also, a vintage WW2 silk escape map of Japan and South China seas. Not in perfect condition, but pretty beautiful nonetheless. Records N/A, silk map is available.
This thread has been absolutely bonkers the past month. Dear lord. Some of the stuff in here is mindblowing (especially dat Hockney).Keep on killing it, fellas.Here are my fave finds from the past couple weeks.Avirex A-2. Completely sweet distress.Super wild dolphin-print Ferragamo polo shirt!Vintage Holloway varsity jacket. Murdered out color combo. Unworn.Vintage suede / sweater jacket thingy? What would you call this? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: