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Hey, I have a question for those who might be familiar with Allen Edmonds. I purchased a pair of Sanfords off ebay, and when I got them out of the box to polish them, they looked a bit "off" to me. On further inspection, the brogueing on the shoes is just slightly different (the perforations on the left shoe are noticeably bigger in diameter than the right shoe despite being in the same design, and the cap toe portion of the shoes don't quite line up). They're obviously...
Nothing like the crazy finds of the past couple pages, but if anyone is 36x30, I found three pairs of Brooks Brothers Hudson fit trousers made out of cotton velveteen that I'm willing to part with for cheap. Staple colors of tan, navy, and black (tan below). I wish they fit me, as they have a super soft nap and seem like a nice, washable alternative to flannel.
Some of those would be insane to find at a thrift store (Moots, Lynskey), just because they're generally newer brands and their high-end status. Someone could luck into one, though.I've been a bike-nut for many years now and I rarely find great stuff, but have had a good string of finds the past couple years. First, I found two vintage (early 80s) Trek road bikes in my frame size (25") within about six months of each other (one for $50, one for $15). I turned one into a...
Not a designer label, but I found a siiiiiiiiiick sport coat the other day. Made for a regional, high-end clothing shop, this sucker is 100% wool tartan and has some beautiful pattern matching and wooden buttons along with lapels so wide that Tom Ford just got a chub (I'm guessing it's 70s era). After a trip to my tailor, is going to be my new go-to jacket for slaying it.
You know what they say...
Hey now. Those shoes look great!
Had a decent day after another bit of a drought. Found myself a really cool pair of Ballin (?!) pants in sort of a burnt umber that are just totally... ballin. (*cough*) Also snagged this really neat tie by Geoff Nicholson. Never heard of him, but it's self-tipped and 100% wool that feels like cashmere. Just a lovely feel. Also picked up this nice woven Altea. Really sharp looking. Snagged the following jackets, even though they don't fit (aka they're for trade or...
I've seen several posts in here lately were people are mentioning returning stuff to thrift stores. Do people actually do that? Seriously? Seems pretty oily to me to buy a bunch of stuff, then check the internet to see if it's worth anything before returning it to a thrift store. WTF?
Women's jacket.
Based on the usual stuff I find around here, my guess is that they're mega old, but then again I know very little about C&J and high-end shoe logos in general. I'd hope that they aren't fake (and would guess that they're not based on the super supple leather), but who knows... maybe someone is doing that shit.
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