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Finds of the past two weeks. Nothing mindblowing, but some cool oddities. Vintage white patent leather Florsheim "Designer Collection" Amazeballs vintage (60s) overcoat with MASSIVE lapels and wild glen plaid. Weird vintage Pacific Trail windbreaker/track jacket with a kangaroo pouch Late 60s single-button white tux jacket.
I was almost 100% sure that's what it was, but I didn't want to seem like a moron. Guess I did either way... Super sick tie. I love it muchly.
Got this over a week ago, but I've been busy and haven't had a chance to post much. Saw the return address on the package and was instantly...Opened it up. Packaging was lovely. Keychain, ribbon, and... [[SPOILER]]
Dear facking lord.
Dear lawd. I'd feel weird buying that , but certainly couldn't pass it up.
Hit a bunch of stores today and while I didn't find anything mindblowing, I had an effing amazing plate of pad thai and found some things to make the day worthwhile. Also found something that has me stumped, as I haven't seen anything quite like it before, and can't find anything about them online (although I'm sure someone in here can help me).These things are crazy. Polo Ralph Lauren pants, modeled after vintage work/sailor pants. Pre-stained, pre-splattered and...
@Jompso shuts down the thread for the night. Daaaaaaaaang.
Also, is this a thing?* Armani Le Collezioni made in Italy two-tone vest. Can't decide if it's hideous or cool. *if not, it was only one dollar, so I will be okay.
Cold as EFF here this week, but scraped up a couple things before the digits dropped. COOOOOOOOGI Coolest Hickey Freeman I've ever found. Triple patch pocket cashmere blend, super duper light and amazing feel. Star Wars radio dramatization limited edition box set. Oddly intriguing.
HBD Spoo! It's a good week to be born (mine is this week too). Many happy returns.
New Posts  All Forums: