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. NOS Banana Republic safari jacket, 42 L: This thing is great! I'm not sure what year they last used that tag style, but this jacket is amazing. Danish chair. Wish it was the whole set. Not sure if it's worth anything, but it's the first time I've seen Scandinavian furniture. Can anyone tell what kind of wood this is?: My guess is that it's teak. Most quality mid-century stuff is made of it.
Quick question. Picked up a pair of Zanellas with a pattern I just don't know how to describe. Crosshatch? Tiny pi?
They're 12E. I wear 13D-E and after attempting to wedge my foot in them, all I was left with was
Finally, some interesting finds for me out in the middle of nowhere. First up...My first shells in the wild, Alden for Brooks Brothers, no? [[SPOILER]] A vintage double-breasted jacket. Nice-looking, but just look at the details... [[SPOILER]] Lastly, does anyone know anything about Diesel jeans? Are they worth anything? Picked this pair up for myself, and unfortunately the curse of the cyclists thighs strikes again. 34x34 and they're beautiful, with sort of a grey...
I am in no way affiliated with this auction and I know it doesn't really belong in this thread, but I ran across this thing tonight while searching ebay and it's frankly just begging to be owned. NWT vintage Woolrich Red Plaid Hunting Jacket and matching pants If I had more occasions to look like a badass lumberjack, I would have already pulled the trigger.
It's marked 42R, but I can feel a couple inches of fabric in the sleeves. I'm going to take it to my tailor next week to see if I can make it work for myself, but if not... it will be available.
Couple quick questions... One: Picked up a nice pair of J Crew wingtip boots in dark brown. All leather, leather soles with stacked leather heel. They need a little love but the leather is nice quality and I think they'll look amazing once I've worked with them (sorry about the crap picture). Only details inside are "Made in Italy." Anyone knows who might make them? Second: I know Tommy Hilfiger gets no love, but I found this really rad black watch tartan jacket a...
It probably wasn't worn that much, but I'm guessing it ended up in a pile on the floor at the foot of the bed a lot.Hubba-hubba!
From my eye, it looks like a carpet beetle larvae. They will take apart a wool shirt in no time, so clean that thing ASAP and don't let it near your other wool/silk.
Thrift fit: Sport coat: Nordstrom silk/linen mix. Shirt: Lands' End OCBD Pants: Lands' End Tie: Lands' End silk knit Pocket Square: Vintage cotton hanky Shoes: Bass Weejuns Nothing too high-end. All thrifted or traded.
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