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Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently looking for a DD turntable, but (perhaps stupidly) decided to pass on these. Maybe I'll find that Thorens next month...
MCS component stack for $65. Buy? Turntable is 6602 DD. Everything looks minty.
Nat, must be lucky record day. I found some cheese, I found some staples, and I found the "Songs In The Key of Life" limited press with the book and bonus 7". Also, a vintage WW2 silk escape map of Japan and South China seas. Not in perfect condition, but pretty beautiful nonetheless. Records N/A, silk map is available.
This thread has been absolutely bonkers the past month. Dear lord. Some of the stuff in here is mindblowing (especially dat Hockney).Keep on killing it, fellas.Here are my fave finds from the past couple weeks.Avirex A-2. Completely sweet distress.Super wild dolphin-print Ferragamo polo shirt!Vintage Holloway varsity jacket. Murdered out color combo. Unworn.Vintage suede / sweater jacket thingy? What would you call this? [[SPOILER]]
@drlivingston Holy hell. Well done.
Where is Nat? I hope he didn't get attacked by an army of overgrown mice ala Stephen King's "Graveyard Shift." I really want to see how his American Picker style day has gone!
@Capnwes, your remodel is looking fantstic. I am super jealous. Love the photos, keep them up.Everyone else, keep killing it. I've been busy and haven't commented, but have kinda been keeping up. So much great stuff. Sheesh. Love seeing the leftfield stuff hit (vintage t-shirts and artwork) especially.At any rate, here are my favorite recent scores...Vintage Members Only A-2 style jacket. I don't care the brand, this thing has amazeballs patina.Some nice AE SanfordsVintage...
Sorry for your loss TyMac.
So if shirt / jacket = shacket, is this sweater / jacket (vintage Pendleton) a swacket?
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