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I based my estimate on the union tags and general styling. Could be early 80s as well, but I really don't think it's a lot later than that. Could be wrong, though.I have a hard time telling the difference between Glen Check and houndstooth plaid, honestly. You're probably right. Believe me, I checked the sleeves for extra fabric, as it fits me perfectly just about everywhere else. Unfortunately there's not enough to let so I'm a sad panda.Measurements on it are:Shoulder to...
It's not RLPL, but it's still a pretty okay find... Vintage (I'm guessing late 70s by the Union tag) Polo Ralph Lauren sport coat in cream/brown houndstooth plaid. Some sort of wool/linen mix with ticket pocket and side vents. Sadly, arms are too short for me... Edit: this jacket sold. Thanks for all the interest, peeps.
Speaking of Facconable, I just picked up a nice brown/white striped spread collar shirt with shiny little MOP buttons in 18.5 regular. Totally not my size, but I'd be down for a trade or cheap sale if anyone is interested.
Found the weirdest stack of records today. Totally disparate, but a lot of great stuff for $1 each. Kevin Ayers/John Cale/Brian Eno/Nico - June 1, 1974 Timothy Leary & Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up Stevie Wonder - Innervisions Kool Keith - Black Elvis (love this album, but I think it's going to go up for sale, as it goes for lots of $$) Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head plus, a couple of really great foreign albums I bought on a whim Del Ecuador - Algo Especial En Musica (can't...
Hit three places today and had a massive bust on the clothing end, but found quite a few excellent records for $1 each. Ahmad Jamal - Night Songs, Genetic Walk Hubert Laws - Afro Classic Benny Carter - Further Definitions (original Impulse press) Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio - Dedications Tom Waits - Foreign Affairs, Blue Valentine aaaaanddd my favorite (and probably best find).... Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave (original A&M press)
Would this be a big and tall King Kong or a somewhat lithe and tall King Kong? Just wondering, because I have ape arms (16 (sometimes 16.5) - 37/38 shirts) and I would probably be interested...
Bumping for price drop. I'd like to move these, so feel free to make an offer if you're so inclined.
There's plenty of hot weather left, and you probably need this pair of shoes to slam around in until fall. Allen Edmonds model Orleans in a size 13 B (narrow), worn but not abused, with the clay-court colored vibram sole. I'd give them probably an 8 out of 10 in terms of condition (they have a few faint marks on the toes, the worst of which is pictured in the first two photos below, but hey, these things happen). As you can see from the soles, they haven't been worn a...
Bump for drops, 20-25% across the board.
Just had a really nice transaction with caseyfud. Great attention to detail and fast shipping. Very recommended.
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