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Found this and couldn't pass it up. Vintage embossed full grain leather Boy Scout belt. 60s or earlier I'm guessing. Size 36, available. Also, a really neat vintage Banana Republic shirt. XS, also available.
Super sick navy striped Drakes gren tie is what it was. Super hawt.
Stores here today were still totally bombed out from Halloween, so I didn't find much of anything. However, I did grab the weirdest thing I have bought in awhile, mainly because it was cheap. Are you ready for weird? New, old stock (early 70s) Lee denim sport coat (or "Victory Coat") with hand-embroided hippy stuff on the back. It should probably be burned with fire, but I thought it was worth a kop. Also found these really strange Levis California wool/cotton blend...
SIIIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKKKI'm going out tomorrow. I've got a bad itch that I need to scratch.
This was kind of interesting (for me). Found this sport coat by Alton Lane. Hadn't heard of them, but it has pick stitching everywhere, ticket pocket, working cuffs, and some crazy red sharkskin wool fabric. Turns out all their stuff is MTM, so I doubt it's going to move the needle on the other site, despite being pretty darn cool and in a relatively normal size.
I remember you posting that awhile back. Total sekks.
Dammit. Quote not working right. How many people wish Playdice was doing the thrift gift exchange? I do. Keep on posting the wild stuff, I love it.
That thing where you find a neat stack of cheap stuff at a discount store (*cough* Marshalls) but don't want to post in here because you want to save one of them for the thrifty gift exchange.
Today's finds brought to you by America! Fuck yeah! Jacket N/A
Soooo good, although I'd have probably gone with a G'Night if I didn't have to drive anywhere afterwards.Nice freakin' jacket, too. Damn.
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