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Dayummmmn @SpooPoker, I think you're looking at at least another Ferrari's worth of profit on that haul! I don't even smoke, and I'm going to need a smoke after looking at that pile .
I'm 90% sure this is good. Full outfit top and bottoms. ?. @Nataku Pants and shirt are stamped A-M. Just found your old guide and I think these are good!
Just gotta echo everyone else, that @Reosymes and @colorvision serendipity story was one of the best things I've read on here (other than some of Klobbers bodily-function-related tales) since it's been going (and I've read from the start). Awesome stuff! Thrift Karma to all!
When I first saw this label, I thought it was some sort of insane new streetwear name that I'd never heard of. Seriously, look at that tag... [[SPOILER]]
Sorry guys... I probably got too excited. It's not a lot of rare stuff, but a wide breadth of cool stuff. 99 cents each. I'm especially stoked about the S/T Dylan, the Black Market Clash, the BRUCE, ,the Miles Davis, the Decline of Western Civ OST (which is rare!) and the Tom Waits.
Vinyl-heads.... Thriftening is happening to me. Deets soonish.
Since everyone else is doing it... [[SPOILER]]
Stopped at a little hole in the wall shop today and found this great Pendleton tweed plus three ancient Burberry shirts. Seriously can anyone date these?
Found my first one a couple months ago, it was UGLY AF.Sold within an hour of listing it for a Benjamin.
SD is San Diego and not South Dakota, right? Otherwise I'm heading to Sioux Falls pronto.
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