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Question for anyone in the know...Found three pairs of vintage sunglasses at an estate sale. They're all ladies. One was a pair of Christian Dior butterflies, the other was a 14k gold plate Persols. I picked up this third pair simply because the other two were so nice, but I can't find anything about these. They're well made (if a bit gaudy, and likely from the same era as the aforementioned butterflies), and the only markings I can find on them is one arm says "Parilux"...
Quick question for those in the know... I have a bottle of vintage perfume that I want to sell on the ebay. It seems to do quite well. However, USPS says on their site that perfumes are restricted items. So, anyone have experience shipping (domestic US only) perfume? What's the best bet? Feel free to PM me. Danke in advance.
DM7 and Mainy are like the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman of high end menswear resale apparently.
Old school week... also:
Shoot me a PM when you list this one. Might just fit my sasquatch self.
Assume your week got at least a little better with those scores! Damn!
Those Drakes are SICK. I wish there was a NM or Marshalls around here. All we have is TJ Maxx chock full of Sean John.
I found this awhile ago and it's been driving me nuts that I haven't been able to find _any_ information about it. It's obviously super old and really rad, and I thought someone on here with their varied knowledge could tell me about it. I waffled back and forth about whether I should sell it or not, but usually end up keeping it for lack of knowledge.Vintage (1960s?) minor league basketball warmup top. Team name is "The Crush" [[SPOILER]]
Awesome! Seems like just 20 years ago there were 10x as many smaller companies making this stuff, so it was hard to know.Not sure on the size, the tag is unreadable (despite the great condition of the rest of the vest). I'm a fairly tall dude who usually wears 42L and it fits me snug. I don't know if they did standard sizing on their stuff or more specifics, but it's probably a Large (40-42 or so).
New Posts  All Forums: