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@silverwarebandit and @eazye right now.... Amazing stuff, you guys. I hope that there's enough manna from the thrift gods to rain down on us other peons.
That feeling when two of the first three LPs you flip through are old Clash albums... Then you only find a couple more good ones... Still. Not bad.
Hilariously awesome find. Vintage Ski-Doo puffer vest. N/A
6 pairs of Randolph Engineering and American Optical pilot glasses, some NOS.
@SpooPoker Paintings on that jacket are definitely Degas ballerina stuff: Here's a gallery of Degas' ballerina-related works with images of most of the ones that are painted on that jacket.
Almost embarrassed to post after how ON FIYAH the thread has been, but eff it, all the following were $1 each. Any vintage cycling fans? This is a super old school (made in USA) Cannondale pullover with kangaroo pouch. Super fly. Loden wool vest with cool buttons. Old made in USA LL Bean pullover windbreaker with southwestern style details. Brooks Brothers leather jacket. Buttery. N/A Last, but not least, my wife found this killer Stanley hutch for a screaming...
Since there's been a lot of talk about PRL lately, I'm going to play "Stump Styleforum"I've had these awhile but haven't done anything with them because after much research I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about them on the internet at all. [[SPOILER]]
Inception quotes for this shit. Insane."Hey man, that's a nice room divider..."...pushes play, sends person into next room.
@TheNeedMachine Just WTF?! That's haul of the year material there, good lord. Way too much to quote, but it's all amazeballs.
Reminded me of this one I shooped awhile back. Haha.
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