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I found this awhile ago and it's been driving me nuts that I haven't been able to find _any_ information about it. It's obviously super old and really rad, and I thought someone on here with their varied knowledge could tell me about it. I waffled back and forth about whether I should sell it or not, but usually end up keeping it for lack of knowledge.Vintage (1960s?) minor league basketball warmup top. Team name is "The Crush" [[SPOILER]]
Awesome! Seems like just 20 years ago there were 10x as many smaller companies making this stuff, so it was hard to know.Not sure on the size, the tag is unreadable (despite the great condition of the rest of the vest). I'm a fairly tall dude who usually wears 42L and it fits me snug. I don't know if they did standard sizing on their stuff or more specifics, but it's probably a Large (40-42 or so).
Nataku (or any other vintage outerwear headz), did I do good? Vintage, Gerry puffer vest, Made in U.S.A. Half nylon, half suede, with shearling-lined pockets. Regardless of whether it's a good find, I love it! And that's all that matters really.
Found a couple ancient ties. Not sure the age of these unlined J Press and Brooks Bros ties, but they're definitely old school. Also, these skiing (and one hiker) ties. Also, this vintage Gant 3-piece suit. Going to take it to my tailor to see if I can make the sleeves work, because it's the bomb.
I'm closer to 40 than I am 20. Musically I hate most of the stuff people my age love. Can't stand most of the 70s touchstones (unless you count Can and Kraftwerk) and am a huge fan of minimal electronic music from most eras. But... was also in a band that played with My Morning Jacket and The Twilight Singers. Rawk! Or something.
. NOS Banana Republic safari jacket, 42 L: This thing is great! I'm not sure what year they last used that tag style, but this jacket is amazing. Danish chair. Wish it was the whole set. Not sure if it's worth anything, but it's the first time I've seen Scandinavian furniture. Can anyone tell what kind of wood this is?: My guess is that it's teak. Most quality mid-century stuff is made of it.
Quick question. Picked up a pair of Zanellas with a pattern I just don't know how to describe. Crosshatch? Tiny pi?
They're 12E. I wear 13D-E and after attempting to wedge my foot in them, all I was left with was
Finally, some interesting finds for me out in the middle of nowhere. First up...My first shells in the wild, Alden for Brooks Brothers, no? [[SPOILER]] A vintage double-breasted jacket. Nice-looking, but just look at the details... [[SPOILER]] Lastly, does anyone know anything about Diesel jeans? Are they worth anything? Picked this pair up for myself, and unfortunately the curse of the cyclists thighs strikes again. 34x34 and they're beautiful, with sort of a grey...
I am in no way affiliated with this auction and I know it doesn't really belong in this thread, but I ran across this thing tonight while searching ebay and it's frankly just begging to be owned. NWT vintage Woolrich Red Plaid Hunting Jacket and matching pants If I had more occasions to look like a badass lumberjack, I would have already pulled the trigger.
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