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HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT NAT. I think you just broke the thread.
Ran across a really neat Ferragamo tie. Saw this hat and it felt incredibly substantial when I picked it up. Not really my style, but I flipped it over and looked at the inside of the brim. Whoot. Also wished I still played tennis, as I found a minty Head Flexpoint 6.
In the field, this made me laugh.
First up, a question.Is this Hickey Freeman for Burberry?If so, I have a sick Burberry (London) glen plaid suit in 44R (measurements spoilered). Get at me if interested. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone like vintage Nike stuff? Picked up a couple (probably 80s) jackets, both made in U.S.A. One is this cool tri-color windbreaker in size M. Another is this black, fully lined crinkle-finish nylon number in XL (fits more like a modern L). Very old school hip hop.
Hickey Freeman sport coat that is totally baller. Not my size and headed to the bay. It is so, so soffffffft.
But seriously... Found two super rad vintage tweed hats. Too small for my noggin, so available. Could remember Eazy's melon size, but the Churchill seems right up his alley... Vintage Churchill Ltd. plaid tweed with a couple feathers in size 7 1/2. I so wish this fit me. Vintage Borsalino tweed hat size 7 3/8. More feathers.
If you haven't read this piece in GQ about Buzz Bussinger, I would recommend it. It's not about Thrifting, but the levels of opulence (mostly Gucci) and addiction are absolutely crazy. http://m.gq.com/news-politics/newsmakers/201304/buzz-bissinger-shopaholic-gucci-addiction
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