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What's the funniest Custom Collection Vineyard Vines you've ever found? [[SPOILER]]
Looks good based on this
Coolest ducking thing I have found in a long time. NWT John Boultbee (collab with Brooks saddles) hardcore bicycle parka. Made in the UK. Not thrift, but waaaaay less than 10% rule. N to the A.
@Snoogz, you are awesome. Love to see that kind of spirit in here, especially when there's so much talk of profits and flipping. You (and your wife) rock!
Think you just won the thrifties for the year. Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Hit the end of an estate sale today and snagged these shoe bags for a buck a pair. Figured someone would want them. 2x Ferragamo, 2xAllen Edmonds, 1 Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan Horween Also POP! N/A
I got my Thriftsmas gift and opened it (hopefully that's not too gauche), and I love it! Unfortunately, I have no idea who it is from! Going to post a fit pic in the Thrift Holiday Exchange thread, but feel free to PM me to take credit, my Canadian friend.
This thing is insane awesome.
Sorry to hear about your hound, @SomethingsFishy It always sucks. Good dogs leave great memories.
This. Is. Amaze balls.
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