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Since there's been a lot of talk about PRL lately, I'm going to play "Stump Styleforum"I've had these awhile but haven't done anything with them because after much research I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about them on the internet at all. [[SPOILER]]
Inception quotes for this shit. Insane."Hey man, that's a nice room divider..."...pushes play, sends person into next room.
@TheNeedMachine Just WTF?! That's haul of the year material there, good lord. Way too much to quote, but it's all amazeballs.
Reminded me of this one I shooped awhile back. Haha.
Not true thrift, but < 5% of retail, so sorta. Adriano Goldshmied selvage cone denim buckle-back jawnz. N/A. Signed (producer, director, etc) and numbered limited edition hardback featuring the art of The Lion King (movie). Lastly, any hunters in here? Found this incredibly thick silk tie by O'Connell Lucas-Chelf as well as a couple J Press bird designs. Avail if you swing a good 12 gauge. Keep killing it, everyone. Trying to get back to posting here after...
Been finishing a remodeling project, but keeping up with the thread. So much badass stuff. A couple recent finds... A couple days apart. Top one is true vintage badassness. Bottom one is exactly the same build, but looks newer and obviously has different tags. Is it still a thing? Also, Playdice, please never stop posting. \m/
Another day, another POP for me. Also found this SICK Cash/Cotton sweatshirt. It fits me and is effing glorious. Lastly, picked up this Lew anagram shirt. MOP buttons, contrast stitching, cool details. Can't decide if it's cool or hideous.
Oh, and POP! (first selvedge in FOREVER. unworn. N/A)
I'd never seen either of them, but they both involve Ram Dass, a spiritual / psych dude who used to hang with Tim Leary. The one is a 2LP set called AH! and the other is a 6LP (!) set of discussion / mantras / music called "Love Serve Remember" that looks pretty crazy. Neither are _super_ rare, but worth more than the couple bucks I paid for each.
Not thrift, but garage sale (and dirt cheap). My best LP finds in awhile.
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