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Free babysitting too (grandparents?) while thrifts are pillaged? That would be even better. Seriously, though, awesome. I'm going to be heading to a different part of the country here in a month or so (think @Fuecoland). I'm hoping to find a Tom Ford snap T while there.
Welp, @Nataku, that outta pay for part of the trip at least. INSANE.Those records, too. I dream of a haul like that.Trying to pay the thrift gods forward a bit here, [[SPOILER]]
Mostly living vicariously through this thread lately, but I had a few nice finds today. Some awesome 80s albums (not pictured, but still great, most of U2 and REMs 80s output) Deadstock Levis t for the 84 Olympics. Amazeballs.
Been so dead here lately, but today I hit a tucked away garage sale and bought half the wardrobe of a guy who had a bunch of hand-tailored suits. They aren't designer names (unless Jules de Bergerac counts), but he was a super interesting fellow who did vintage gun shooting demonstrations and these suits (and SCs) are some of the most strange and delightful I've ever found. Pics soonish (if anyone is interested).
I think she did a bang up job for 20 bucks to turn that into something you add to your own collection. Gives it a bit more of a story too.I'm no leather expert, but I'd give the whole thing a light, gentle massage with some Lexol. Others might have better ideas.
Combined with what you snagged yesterday, that is a super nice pile of ties.
All this fart talk just makes me miss @Klobber 😄
Mini LP thriftening today. The entire Queen catalogue, some other randos, and this stuff. The Zappa is the real gem of the lot, along with the two Takoma label LPs.
Today was jacket day, found a cool vintage M65, a calfskin PRL, and this vintage army thing. @Nataku is this anything? I've not seen anything like it. Made of super thick wool with really nice buttonholes. No tags anywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: