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No worries, I'm just messin' with you too.Honestly, I have no idea whether it's seen service. Pants have a few stains, jacket has a bit of underarm discoloration, but there's no sign of patches, names, or other information other than the manufacturers tag. I'm just amazed to have found it. I love this stuff. I wish it had more provenance, but ah well.@justridiculousA couple more things I found today. First, this old and cool thing...Vintage 50s American Field hunting...
Let's call the whole thing off.
@Nataku This is by far the oldest thing I've found too. I need to do some research, but it seems to be a uniform that is customizable based on core of engineers, or even aviation, depending on patches, etc. There are barely any tags or markings on the entire thing. Pants! Jacket/tunic is killer, with all original buttons. Only manufacturing tag in the entire outfit. Also, the decent finds continue today...
A few of the fun things... Minty vtg crewneck. Vtg skate hat. World War 1 uniform. Incredible condition. What are those? Oh yeaaaah Kangaroo fur toggle vest. Soft AF. Timely? From 1972!!! N/A unless you really blow up my skirt.
That coat is from Narnia, man.
Today was a good day. Cartier. WW1 clothing. Kangaroo fur. 70s deadstock. More. Deets later.
Person I got has only posted a couple times in the past 2 years, so I would appreciate people hopping in here and giving some suggestions. For whomever gets me... I have more than enough ties and traditional menswear. I like quirky stuff and coffee and beer that I am unable to obtain in my location, but I will honestly love anything that arrives. It's all about the surprise and thought. Cheers, bros. Let's do this!
They are. I'm still learning on the sneaker front, so I hope I didn't hose anything up in my description.
Finally starting to pick up around here. Found my first true ERDL piece (field jacket), 3 pairs of Vietnam-era cotton sateen OG-107 pants, and a couple other slightly interesting things... Vintage LL Bean pullover jacket thing Huge hardback Tory Burch book in slipcase, with signature card! Vintage Jordan t-shirt Vintage Macca New World Tour hat Book and pullover N/A, get at me on the MJ shirt or hat.
Mega dry round here, so it's good to see others killin it. Might be looking up, though, just found these vintage NOS Nikes (Cortez?)
New Posts  All Forums: