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My faves haven't even been mentioned..."Synecdoche, NY" (one of my favorite films of the past ten years)"Punch Drunk Love" (- Seriously, god dammit!)"The Savages""Boogie Nights"PLUS all his roles in flims like "25th Hour," "Talented Mr. Ripley," "Magnolia," "Hard Eight," on and on and on and on and on.UGHHHH. One of the best actors of his generation, easily.
Just found a ridiculous vintage herringbone overcoat. Made by Richman Brothers on... 9/29/45 No size tags inside, so I have a feeling it's going to be a spitball trying to figure out sizing. Anyone have a link to a good rough guide on figuring out the size on an overcoat?
Caseyfud, that old Hardy Amies tweed is oar some.
Thrifting with my wife and she walks towards me with a big grin and these (among other things) in the cart. Yeah, she's awesome.
Dafuq? Amazing.
This thread = HOLY. CRAP. I am hoping some of this lucks lands on me tomorrow when I head out tomorrow.
I know that Ryan Gosling made the puffy satin embroidered jacket hip again, but this is 'MERICA!
So pitted.
Picked this up and thought it was some crazy ninja wool hooded streetwear thing. Turns out it's just some massively heavy-duty bush jacket. Probably the craziest thing I've found in this young year so far.
I just ran 6 through 3 inches of snow and a minus 8 windchill. Was going to do more, but I'm kind of a wimp.
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