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Probably nothing. Doh!
Running a couple days late, but it's heading out tomorrow (er, Monday). My recipient should have it by mid-week!
Hit several thrifts for their sales today and got mostly fodder, with the exception being this killer vintage Loden toggle with hood. Best finds of the day were beer related... drool.
Latest skeet offerings... be on the lookout folks.
Kinda slim picking around here again lately. Did find these pants... Camo dudes. @Nataku? Are these anything? I feel like they might be Euro or something. Only the one skinny paper/gauze tag. Also... two of these Daltrey/The Who Tommy beach towels. Weird. Keeping the camo (N/A), but the towels need to find a new home.
Man, always loved seeing those photos of you and your g-ma before your nights on the town or when you were hanging out. Lots of awesome memories there.Thoughts with you.
That helmet is incredible. Display it proudly. I'm sure you've all noticed, but Ebay has been down nationwide for well over an hour. Sucks for people (like me) who had stuff ending tonight.
Thanks, I did a bit of googling and landed a lucky strike. 2008 Dunk "Scribble" version. They were a cheap snag and seemed worth the gamble. Will try to not clutter it up.
These anything? (I promise not to ever do this again if someone can point me in the direction of a good lookup site for Nikes. Cheers.)
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