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Guess there's some Big E synergy up in the hizzy? (just a pair of non-redline jawns, but it's dry AF here and I'll take what I can get, thank you very much. Carry on, gentlemen, and keep rocking it)
Wrong thread. Sorry.
Hit a bunch of stores yesterday and today and found a ton of stuff. Lots of fodder, but these are my favorites... Cool old nylon lined wool jacket by Columbia. Typically don't buy their stuff but this one seems really old. Logo. Can anyone date this? I dig it regardless. Interesting old Donegal tweed short coat. What in the hell would you call this style? Donegal label Heart skipped a beat when I saw this thinking it was Rocky Mtn Featherbed, but it's still...
Might have been horse hair plaster, depending on how old it was. We used to own a house that was built in 1920, and the entire interior of the house (all walls and ceilings) were done with it. Heavy as hell, and awesome unless you got water in there. I tore down a few walls and ceilings in my day and my wife and I joke that if our marriage survived replacing a lath and plaster bathroom ceiling (with 5/8 drywall with a smooth finish), we could pretty much coast from there...
Stone cold sweetness. Brought a mint, no doubt.
Couple cool things today for me. Vintage Nacco Denmark enamel cast iron Dutch oven in minty condition. Powder horn Mountaineering down puffer.
Some of my best finds of the year have arrived in the past week. My faves... Heart shaped ceramic Le Creuset. Complete set of the film works of Charles and Ray Eames Couple old Hermes ties, including a logo motif 70s true ERDL lightweight field jacket in medium long Nicest leather jacket I've ever found. Vintage Schott A-2 that looks almost unworn. Siiiiiiick. All N/A except the ERDL.
Awesome! Thanks again. I've actually shied away from doing beer trades due to a package that a friend sent getting smashed to bits, but everything you sent was snug as a bug. Nice job packing!Thanks again!
Got home today and this was waiting for me. Big box from Ohio. Whoot! Had a total of 8 items to unwrap, with lots of packaging, so it was a thouroughly enjoyable unboxing. Tally is a sweet pint glass, a package of yummy coffee, and a full six pack of different beers I can't get in my region. Thanks Jonathon from Ohio! (Not sure of SF username)
You fucking dudes. Living vicariously and finding Jacques Shitte. I guess I live in the wrong part of the country.
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