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Price drop on J. Crew pocket square.
Was watching House today and noticed that the shirt he was wearing looked eerily similar to my blue WvG overdyed oxford. Right down to the wrinkles and the MoP buttons. I could swear that this is my dewberry shirt...
Added Band of Outsiders batiste oxford!
Price drop. Want these gone!
I'll be sure to post impressions once I receive them. Cheers!
Sold, thanks!
If you went with a 11.5E, I think that's pretty close to going with a 12D, correct? In any case, I just gave Need Supply a rang and requested that they change my order to a 9.5 instead of a 9. Hopefully this works out and it's not too large! Triton, where did you pick up your Country Rangers from?
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker They fit true to dress shoe or measured size if anything. If you went down 1/2 size from sneakers you might be ok. But you should buy these tts. D is a narrower width than say, E. Why would you go down in size because it is D? If anything that would cause me to go up in size since it is narrow. If you sized down from your dress shoe size they most likely will be too small. The sizing advice on the...
Price drops across the board!
I just placed an order for a pair of Yuketen Country Rangers from Need Supply in the two-tone color. I think they look slightly more interesting than the tobacco color that most stores are carrying. To those who have a pair of Country Rangers in their wardrobes, how did you guys size? The sales associate that I called told me that the width of the Country Rangers were D, so I went down half a size. Hope that the sales associate wasn't wrong, and that they fit!
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