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Chelsea boots are awesome!
That's awesome. Epaulet definitely has better product shots, though!
Oh, that's interesting. I hadn't considered that. If you don't mind me asking, how short did you hem your Rudy trousers? My pants usually have a half break (maybe a little less) to them, and aren't super skinny. I'm not sure if it would get caught on the tab or not.
Epauleters, How do you feel about the Carmina chelsea boots? I tried them on today while picking up a pair of trousers, and they are awesome. I definitely want to pick up a pair. I'm a little curious as to why the other styles seem to sell better than the chelsea boots, though. Any thoughts?
It's Orchard Tailor Services.
BNWT Charles Tyrwhitt Dress ShirtsI have a Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirt for sale. It is BNWT, and is straight from their retail store. They retail for $140.00 each, and are currently selling on their website for $60 each + shipping and tax. I'm asking just $45 -> $40 -> $35 -> $30 shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)!This is a ashby lilac large check extra slim fit dress shirtMore information at their website
J. Crew V-neck cashmere sweaterHey guys, I have a J. Crew v-neck cashmere sweaters available. I planned on wearing them, but decided that they're too small for me. But they're in BNWOT condition.Color: available in royal blueSize: smallCondition: Brand new without tag, current season sweatersShipping: USPS Priority with trackingRetail : $225 + taxAsking: $175 -> $140 -> $100 -> $75 shippedLink to product on J. Crew site
J. Crew Macartney-stripe silk tieBrand new with tagRetail : $60
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