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Probably XL. I take a M in WvG BD shirts, and a M in Epaulet. The fit is different, though. I think the WvG BD shirts have a more significant taper than Epaulet shirts do.
Thanks for the advice, fellas.While we're on the topic of dry cleaning, how often do you guys dry clean your wool pants? I'd consider myself a pretty clean guy, and don't really get my hands and pants dirty. I haven't really found the need to take any of the wool pants that I've been buying recently to the dry cleaners yet, but it makes me feel like some sort of dirty hobo.Also, I know that each time you dry clean clothes, it will result in some degree of disintegration of...
I purchased a pair of navy linen Walts today on Matt's suggestion. They're my first pair of linen pants (linen anything, actually), and I'm pleasantly surprised by how breathable they really are. How do all of you who have purchased linen pants wash them? Do you have to hand wash them, or can you throw them in the washing machine? How is the shrinkage in comparison to other fabrics?
The papaya rivets look really great paired with that white polo, momentoftruth. Nicely done casual outfit.
Thanks, guys, I appreciate the responses!
Really liked your last picture, wj4. The color combination looks great.
What's the bomber, gettoasty? I like that.
Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the input. That's what I figured, since suit jackets hang strangely when buttoned on a hanger. But I just wanted to make sure.
Are you supposed to button your suit jacket's top or other buttons when hanging it up?
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