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Hey fellas, I'll keep this very short and to the point:I was told by a friend that I'll know if a car is a good deal if I appraise the car's specs using Edmunds and the "trade-in" value that Edmunds spits out is higher than the advertised price of the car. Is this a stupid way to go about doing things? You'll have to excuse my ignorance. This is also a learning experience for me.As I mentioned, I've never purchased a car myself before. The way I've been going about...
Epaulet x Carmina suede loafers. They're awesome!
Holy loafers batman, I've been wearing these puppies around all night, and have gotten a lot of compliments on them. They're fucking awesome. As Matt said, not a bad pair of loafers to be "popping my loafer cherry" on. Question to you guys and the Epaulet gang: do you think it would be weird to put metal shoe taps on a pair of loafers like these? I've had shoe taps put on all of the other shoes that I've purchased this summer because the way I walk really wears down the...
Thanks, Mike. I'll have to stop by sometime in the next few days to check the loafer out.Also, mind getting back to me on this?
Damn... those loafers are hot. I would be correct in assuming that they can resoled in the same manner as all of the other Carminas that you guys sell, right, Mike?
Haha, it does resemble the jacket that Walter White is always wearing around. Thankfully Epaulet doesn't sell those ugly Wallabees that WW for some reason has an obsession with.That jacket looks like it would be incredible in suede...
Hey Mike, Matt mentioned last week that you guys would be getting a restock of the regiment twill trousers that you guys sell. Will this delivery be coming in any time this week? Thanks!
That is so surreal. Looks like they filmed it on a Monday.Mike, you have any comment on this?
Thanks for the advice, NYR. I didn't know that you should leave trousers unbuttoned and unzipped when hanging them up, so that's a big help.As far as the Kent brushes go, is there a specific seller that has them in stock for cheap? I'm searching for "Kent brushes" on eBay right now, and there are a thousand different results popping up, and all of them look pretty expensive ($40-$80).
Thanks for the response, Mike! All great information to have.Without getting into the land of OCD (of which I can be guilty of oftentimes), can you elaborate on what you mean when you say the "proper way" to hang up trousers? I usually just fold them over once at the natural crease (lengthwise) and then drape them over the hanger.
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