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Condition: Brand new without tag; current seasonSize: Available in large
APC New Standards - size 30I have a brand new pair of APC New Standards for sale. You all know what these are. They have never been worn -- this means absolutely no fades, no creases, etc. Denim is as raw as raw can be. They currently retail for $175 + tax/shipping. Here's your chance to get a staple at a great discount.Waist (with dip): 16.25"Waist (aligned): 17"Hem: 7.25"Measurements from Context Clothing for size 31 available herePictures are available upon request....
Thanks, Mike! I'll give steaming the pants a shot. This is great to hear. Hope you guys have a good time at the Epaulet pool party!
Thanks for the advice. I actually do that quite a bit with some of my clothes and ties, but due to the way that my bathroom is constructed, it takes way too long. I bought a steamer to get these things done in a quicker fashion, and was hoping that it could used on finer fabrics as well.
Hey Mike/anyone else who knows: can Epaulet's wool and wool/cashmere pants be de-wrinklefied with a steamer? Would it damage the fabric to put the steamer's nozzle right up against the pants, or would it be advisable to hold it a little bit further away?
Further price drop!
Further price drop!
Hey guys, I'm wondering whether or not any of you have ever ran into an issue like the one I'm having with my Carmina loafers. They're gorgeous shoes, but I've only had the chance to wear them twice since purchasing them. After taking them out of my closet today and putting them on, I felt a really sharp sensation on the heel of my right foot. Taking my Carminas off and looking at them, this is what I see (above the Carmina logo): Have any of you guys encountered...
Always use the regular plastic stays.
I purchased a few pairs of cotton Pantharella socks a few months back, and have been wearing them over the summer in lieu of the wool socks that I usually wear. My question is: what is the best way to go about washing these socks? I don't want to overthink it since at the end of the day, they're socks, but at the same time, I don't want to trash them either. What I've been doing is throwing them in the washing machine with my other clothes and some detergent, and then...
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