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Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it. I think that most of it has come out. Will keep on working at it. You guys really are a tremendous resource.
Godot, Thanks for the advice. I'm applying this mixture to my shoes currently. Do you have any thoughts on how to get into the tiny medallions that have salt residue still stuck in them? Cotton balls and q-tips don't seem to be able to squeeze into such a small space.
Hi fellas, I didn't have a choice but to walk around in some dress shoes with medallions today. Unfortunately it was snowing hard last night, and the weather was nasty in the morning. I tried to avoid stepping in the salt that wrecks shoes, but my foot sunk into the snow a few times. I let my shoes dry out after getting home. They look fine, but there's a build-up of this whitish gunk in the medallions towards the tip of my shoes. They're not unmelted snow... seems more...
Damn, those are some great deals.
Really? That's interesting. I own several pairs of their urban slim broken-in chinos, and have always felt like they stretched a lot after a few wears. In fact, I've been going down one size in the pairs that I've been purchasing recently in order to account for the perceived stretch.
Damn, no kidding. I'm looking for the Heathfield jacket, too. Would have snapped it up at $120 total.
Price drop. Just $38!
Merry Christmas, all. What kind of sales does J. Crew historically have the day after Christmas?
J. Crew Bird's-eye wool tieCondition: BNWTShipping: USPS First Class (included in price)
J. Crew fair isle knit tie (in mineral gray)Condition: BNWTShipping: USPS First Class (included in price)
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