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- Have more coming, will repost later -
- Have more coming, will repost later -
PS by Paul Smith Leather Holdall Condition: Used Details: I have a VERY gently used PS leather holdall for sale. I purchased it a while ago from MrPorter when they were having a sale, but haven't really found a use for it apart from taking it on a short trip right after purchasing it. It's in phenomenal condition - I'd easily rate it 9/10 (and that's being conservative). I'm more than happy to take some real photos for interested parties. It's an excellent 100% leather...
Epaulet Brown Chromexcel Single Prong Belt Condition: Used Size: 32 Details: I have a gently used Epaulet brown chromexcel single prong belt for sale. I purchased it when it was first released, but only really wore it about 10 times, as I purchased a size too small. It's been sitting in my closet since then. It's in great condition, and only has the wear and tear that would reflect the stated usage. I'm more than happy to take some photos for interested parties. It...
Sounds great. Thanks for the thoughts, all! Really appreciate it. I'll take it to the tailor soon, then.
Thanks, guys. That's what I figured. About how much shirt cuff should be showing? I believe I've seen 1/8 of an inch thrown around, but that seems minuscule.
Speaking of the ESF shirts, I've been wondering lately whether the sleeve length that I've been taking on my ESF shirts are an inch too long, or if my suit sleeve is a little too short and needs to be lengthened. Could you guys take a look at these images and tell me whether I should lengthen my suit sleeve, or take my ESF shirts in a shorter sleeve length? Thanks! For reference, the suit is a BB Fitzgerald in navy. From the front: From the side: How a suit looks:
Excellent. Thank you, Ian L!
Hey guys, Does anyone know when BB's upcoming summer F&F sale is? I believe they typically take place around the beginning of May, but an exact date would be great (if anybody is privy to this information or has a more accurate guess).
Decided between offers and signed. It's been a long and grueling process, guys. Really glad to be done.
New Posts  All Forums: