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Does anyone have the Black Oxford full brogues with rubber sole? After a pair of shoes for the winter in London! Was hoping I could get some real life photos.
Does anyone have a pair of the Herring Canning? Curious to everyone's thoughts on the Cannings for work. I wear a shirt and tie to work but no suit so not super formal. Do the shoes look too country or sleek enough for smart trousers?
Anyone own the a2 and cwu? I bought my a2 2 years ago and found that compared to my new cwu, the leather is much thicker and smoother. Even the smell is different. The cwu has a plastic smell, like pleather? My a2 was brown, cwu is black, is coloring the reason? Or have toj changed their leather recently?
Thanks the tips guys!! all ordered, i stuck on an extra inch on length and left the chest the same! 7 weeks 6 days 23hours and counting
Here's a side view Maybe the extra length will help, I keep thinking it looks a bit boxy on me, not used to wearing short jackets
Help needed, about to order a cwu45, already have an a2 which I wanna tweak.... I'm thinking an extra 1" on the body length, extra 0.5" on waist and 0.5" off the chest? Aiming for slightly slimmer fit. Let me know what u think guys.
Finally warm enough in London to bust out the toj!
Saw my first TOJ in the wild today! Brown a2 with shearling East London, Commercial Road, own up! Looked good by the way
Barely had a chance to wear this! Drapes and fits better with each wear.
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