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Just got a pair of Herring Keswicks for rainy Melbourne days in the mail: If anyone is interested, happy to review them--just PM me. In other matters, does anyone have an Aerobie AeroPress? Any opinions as to whether they are worthwhile over, I dunno, instant? I'd like to stop buying my afternoon coffee at work; thought this might be a reasonable alternative?
Wearing a new purple micro-gingham shirt from Luxire today, my first with the fabled 'NOBD' collar (curved! genius!). The fabric is lovely and I have (even if I do say so myself) nailed the fit. Feeling very grateful to SF for freeing me from the fresh hell of poorly fitting shirts For the interested:
My brother proudly told me he bought a pair of these shoes yesterday (for $200+): Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong with him...
Hullo gents. Dipping my toes back into #menswear now that my kids are no longer taking up 98% of my time ('s down to a comfortable 87% ). I have some silk knits left over from the High Tied days for sale -- see sig. What's everyone wearing for weekend wet weather shoes this winter? I'm torn between a work boot (Chippewa or something) and a dressier option. I don't wear jeans at the moment (just chinos) so wondering whether the work boots would work for me.
Hi all I have some as-new silk knit ties for sale. These are remaindered stock that I am selling for more or less cost price. They are made in Italy by Nick Bronson, who is one of the main makers of silk knits in the world, and regularly retail for AU$80 or more. L-R: Navy SOLD; Navy SOLD; Navy and Green Stripes; Navy with Green Dots SOLD; Bright Blue and Yellow. Width-wise the navy knit ties are 2.5"; picture...
Hi all Off to Bali in a few weeks and need new swim trunks. I like the Orlebar Brown style with the side tabs, but the prices are simply stupid to me. J.Crew has some great-looking options but the prices on the Aus site are absurd. Has anyone found a similar style available locally perhaps for a more reasonable price? (I'm thinking up to $70 but preferably less--for god's sake, it's just nylon!). Thanks in advance
I find the sizing to be very 'true to size' -- i.e. I'm a 30" in everything and I find their 30" fits me well; possibly a fraction tight on the chinos but that's it.In terms of weight, the 'Classic Flannel' is (all imo) for 15c and under, whereas the VBC Super 120s Flannel is comfortable for about 18c and under. I get wear out of both in a Melbourne winter.
What's everyone wearing in the way of casual/weekend knitwear (or even, to drop into the vernacular, 'jumpers')? I need an option that I can wear with just a tshirt, because ironing at the weekend makes me sad, and that is at least somewhat resistant to baby puke My workday rotation is all boring merino v-necks...
Buddday! Parenting, man, parenting.
Yes. For what it's worth, I have about six pairs of HY trousers now, and I'm not sure I'll ever buy anything else.
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