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1. It's not wood, it's leather. 2. Take it to your nearest shoe repair place. They repair shoes there.
Add tongue pads to the inside of the shoe. They don't necessarily have to go on the tongue, you can stick them anywhere you have excess space.
Tom Cruise is 5'7".
It's still spelled incorrectly.
I'll ask you again: Exactly WHO said you have to wear a vest and tie?
Rule of thumb about interview clothing: If there is doubt, then don't do it. Also see: Also note: It's "pin stripe", not "pen strip". Employers like attention to detail, and proper spelling is part of that.
It did, but I'm referring to common modern usage here.
Protip: Ladies' jackets have the buttons on the wearer's left side, men's jackets have the buttons on the right.
If those are the only two choices, I would take BR.
Burnished shoes usually have a darker toecap. But if you insist:
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