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Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 I agree..... I love the jeans, but am likely gonna go ahead and put 'em up on B&S. Anyone have any ideas on a jean w/ a similar fit? Currently have some EP smiths that i really like, but also interested in something along the lines of the KMWs quality wise. Just hate that I am obsessing over those pockets..... fuck the naysayers, i dig
i need to find a job
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I remember someone asking when the MMM chain hi's will be on sale, it' available now @ I handled them at barneys, i drooled.
i have a debaufre ocean 1 gmt for sale also, anyone interested PM me.
you can get a better watch for the money, look into oris.
fuck barca and man u
i want to see fit pics, until then, i am not sold.
those jeans ar fugly
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri Drops on some stuff, I'll have measurements in about an hour! corsos dropped to $275
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