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Any one here picked up a pair of the walnut cordovan Stow from retricker last week? Stainless or brass eyelets - just curious if it's a case of lottery or retricker reusing a photo from some previous batch.
Burzan,Not sure how accurate their inventory tracker is, but I do see a 7.5D listed now.
Pray tell! What is it?
Visited Gary's a couple of times recently, and if I recall correctly their selection is very basic; indy 405, color 8 ptb and lwb, and the unlined dovers. The closest shop with anything remotely interesting is Unionmade up in LA with its tanker in natural CXL and the color 8 chukka with antique edge on commando sole.
Have you tried paste and then finish with a top coat of wax? I've used this method a few times and it works really well.
I think we're caught in some bizarro echo chamber. Let me know when you find the exit, I'll be right behind ya...after I grab my two pairs of grails!
In general I do agree with you, Viberg online doesn't need such a feature 99% of their sales, but it does detract from the overall shopping experience, and possibly any sort of "high-end" retail image they may be pursuing. But, imo as it was, still much more egalitarian than the "lists" that some of the Alden retailers uses to allot their rare shells releases - haha.
Hard pressed?GiltMyhabit
[[SPOILER]] Lol.
One pair per account, 3 minutes cart time?
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