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I'm pretty sure polo shirts is all I will be wearing there for a while. It was 7 degrees here yesterday and it felt warm, anything over 15 will feel like summer. :P
Is it that AEs are 'alright' blobby Yankee shoes? Or 'for farmers' as in needs a hammer and sickle?
It's very far away from me. Makes the plane tickets pretty damn expensive.
And I'm sure sending them to somewhere where they can is prohibitively expensive?Nice saddle shoes btw. I'd really love a pair.
I think he means that even if you count in conversion and the custom duty the prices in Australia are not even close to the prices in the UK.
Shawl collar is fine with me. Always seemed natural with a 'smoking', which I guess is the continental version of the dinner suit.
MC casual gets it right sometimes and then Liam posts. At least that is the pattern I'm seeing from flipping through the last 10 pages of that thread.
Look at companies that make court tunic shirts in the UK like:
His point is and was that in Scotland the drink is whisky and not whiskey. I was just remarking on the "predating" part as he already noted.e: And yesss, thread hijack.
I'm sure the Irish will heavily contest this. I do believe they will spell it as Whiskey.
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