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Sent payment. Let me know when you have tracking information. Thank you!
paypal payment has been sent! look forward to seeing these!
I had the rust 1000 mile and ended up selling them. The color was too similar to my indy boots. I felt it was too wardrobe redundant
I have a couple Filson Weekender's left for sale on ebay. Filson Weekender New
Thank you for the info I was able to find out more about the bag. I'll pass but thanks
Plot, I've been looking for a used helson myself or maybe new. Where should I be looking at?
Wish these were my size!
Church's tassel loafers, black, sz 10d I am a 9d to 9.5d and these are a tad to long for me Buyer pays shipping. Paypal Gift of buyer adds 4%.
@reflex, that's a good looking piece
Alden Medallion tip cap toe Blucher Burnish tan Medium Brown Size 9A/C Does not include shoe trees. Buyer Pays shipping. Paypal Gift or add 4%.
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