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Linafelt, I have my rough out trench boot for about two weeks now. I have been using them almost very day. In my short time experience I have felt very comfortable with the Dainite soles. I have not even felt the studs in the soles at all. For the last few years I have been using Commando soles in another brand boots and at this point I can not see much difference. However, my next Oak Street rough out boots I will customize them with a special order to have Commando soles...
Same here. If I do not wrap them, then they are too long. The hem of my cargo pants are rather on the high side for greater mobility and comfort in the humid weather of Africa -- so if I do not wrap the laces then it "looks" kind of strange walking with laces flapping around.
I do the same - lace up seven and then wrap the laces around the ankle.
BootSpell, wonsmithr8, thank you both! Enjoy your boots, also!Also, I went ahead and purchased a second pair of the Rough Outs to take with me to Africa. I am so impressed with the comfort, utility, and wear of my first Rough Outs that I purchased last week that the situation demands a second pair in order to alternate the use of the boots. I applied Tarrago Suede Protector on my first Rough Out pairs and it did not darken the leather. There is a third pair over the...
BootSpell, thank you for posting this. I just got mine yesterday. My input/post/review is above at post #2884. Great looking boots and very functional.
I received my Oak Street Rough Out boots yesterday. They are an amazing and well crafted boots. The quality, comfort, and crafstmanship is super excellent. I will use them for my field work in Africa. I work three months at a time in Africa and then return to the United States for two weeks. My second pair of the rough outs will be for use in the United States - I will buy them when I return in June. The boots fit perfectly from the first time I put them on - just like if...
Thank you!
Great looking boots! Thank you for sharing. Are these boots Alden's? What style are these boots? Thank you!
David,Thank you for creating the Alden Union Hill Indy boot!Thank you,Explorer
Thank you for the photos! They look great! Mine should arrive late next week. However, I will have to wait until 20 March to actually see them - I am in Africa now and my next rotation is in March. Enjoy the boots!
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